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Ranking the current champions in Baseball

Updated on November 1, 2015

There seems to be little doubt that the Royals will win the World Series, but now the questions will be raised as to where this team will fit in history?

How do you thinl Modern teams would do against the great teams of Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Mickey Mantle, Satchell Paige, etc.

Do you think Baseball has lost it's charm and just become another big business Sport....would you like to see Baseball return to it's all days? Do you think players are getting paid too much or do you believe it's just another case of paying what the market can bear? Do you prefer Minor League baseball to professional baseball?

And, what do you see as the future of Baseball in the 21st Century and beyond? Can you visualize a game being played on the Moon or the sport developing some new rules that change it all together?

Where do you think the best baseball is played? Do you believe it is still here in the US, or is the best baseball played overseas in Taiwan or in South America?

I have a special fondness for baseball to some degree because it was a sport that my Granddad loved (along with Professional wrestling) and I also remember a teacher that brought a TV into one of our grade school classes to watch the game because he was such an avid fan and at that time, some of the championship games where in the afternoon on a weekday.....Must have been in the mid to late 70's as I recall...

And, also, I was in Milwaukee for their Penant run of the early 80's and I remember watching them seal their chance at the World Series and trying to go study in the Library of Marquette, first on the Ground floor and then in the basement, but to no avail, so I went outside and joined the party high fiving people as I walked up and down the main street in Wisconsin and eventually ending up at a bar to continue the party.......I have no idea how I passed the test the next day except for my Professor was probably being very generous...

And, I also remember going to the stadium one time and catching of all people the campy singing group Up With People.......

And, of course, Durham is home and that is also the home of the popular Minor League Team the Durham Bulls who over the last several years have had a lot of success just one step away from the Majors, and they are also the focal point of that quintessential Baseball movie Bull Durham and I know folks involved with that movie...

Share some of your baseball memories and let's talk abouit this wonderful sport....


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