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Ranomi Kromowidjojo, The Freestyle Swimmer That Had One of the Best Years of her Life in 2012

Updated on July 24, 2017

Who is Ranomi Kromowidjojo?

Ranomi Kromowidjojo may not be a name that most people recognize. She is a swimmer representing her native Netherlands. Kromowidjojo is of Indonesian ancestry. I know that this is an impossible name to pronounce so to make it easier for readers I will need to use her surname as little as possible. A native of Groningen, Ranomi stands at five feet and ten inches tall. She has an interesting background. Born to a Dutch mother and a father who is originally from Suriname, Ranomi obtained her first swimsuit just before turning three years old. At that time, she was on vacation with her family in Spain.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo in 2008 having been very successful


Why is this freestyle swimmer so famous?

She is best known for holding the world record in the 4 X 50 meter relay on the short course swimming and the 4 x 100 meter relay in the long course. Ranomi is currently the defending champion in both the 50 and 100 meter freestyle short course. I have been covering her career for about five years and she has accomplished much as you will soon see. In fact, in the year 2012, she had one of the best years of her life in 2012 as a swimmer, one that would have even Janet Evans proud!

A photo of he beautiful Dutch Indonesian swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo

Ranomi Kromowidjojo: interesting facts

  • Date of birth is August 20, 1990.
  • She won medals in back to back years at the European Junior Swimming Championships. This foreshadowed future successes to come.
  • In the same year of 2006, Ranomi successfully won her very first medal at the European Long Course Swimming Championships in the city of Budapest. This occurred when she won the 4 X 100 meter freestyle relay with the Dutch National Team.
  • She is now considered among the most talented swimmers in the Netherlands. Part of this may be because she has a great mentor by the name of Bart Veldkamp, a former skater.
  • She won a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle during the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing just before turning 18.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo: her career from 2007-2011

From 2007 through 2011, Ranomi would get a series of victories or successes that would further increase her standing internationally as a competitive swimmer. In 2007 at the World Long Course Championships in Melbourne, Australia, she earned a bronze medal in the 100 meter freestyle relay. In the European Short Course Swimming Championships, Ranomi achieved a victory in record time in the 50 meter freestyle short course. In the following year of 2008, she won another gold medal in the European Aquatics Championships. Just a short time later in Manchester England, Ranomi would win another title by setting a record in the 200 meter freestyle relay.

During the event called Swim Cup Eindhoven in 2008, Ranomi set a record for her country in the 50 meter backstroke. She later followed up that huge victory with two more gold medals in Croatia. In 2010 during the FINA World Swimming Championships, Ranomi won gold medals in the 50 and 100 meter freestyle events. She also ended up winning another gold medal during the 100 meter relay with her Dutch teammates. In 2011 in Shanghai, China, Ranomi won a bronze medal during the 100 meter freestyle event and also won a gold medal in the 100 meter freestyle relay. These last four years have seen Ranomi rise to the top of Dutch swimming and should be recognized among other swimming greats by the time her career is over.

Ranomi talks about winning the 50 meter freestyle in 2013 (beautiful suit!)

2012: the year that defines Ranomi's career as a superstar swimmer

And of course, no biography of an athlete would be complete if we did not mention their accomplishments especially during the Olympic Games. The start that this swimmer had in those Olympic Games in London was nothing short of spectacular! She and her Dutch team mates won a silver medal in the 4 by 100 meter freestyle relay event. Australia would get the gold in this event. It was later in that same week that she set an Olympic record in the semifinals of the 100 meter freestyle. In the final, she would set another Olympic record with the time of 53.00s and this was better than Aleksandra Gerasimenya and Tang Yi! She also qualified for the 50 meter freestyle final by setting her own personal best finish of 24.07s. She would win a gold medal in the final of that event, finishing off what can be considered one of the greatest single Olympic Games ever. In 2012, Kromowidjojo was named the Swimmer of the Year by the European Swimming Federation!

A few photos of Ranomi Kromowidjojo in Rome Italy in 2013

Swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo looks on as she is in the water in Rome, Italy.
Swimmer Ranomi Kromowidjojo looks on as she is in the water in Rome, Italy. | Source
Ranomi Kromowidjojo reacts after the Women's 50 meter freestyle event in Rome.
Ranomi Kromowidjojo reacts after the Women's 50 meter freestyle event in Rome.
Ranomi Kromowidjojo prepares for the 100 meter freestyle event.
Ranomi Kromowidjojo prepares for the 100 meter freestyle event.

Ranomi Kromowidjojo addresses the media at the 2016 International Swim Meet in Scotland


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