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Rapala Scatter Rap Series | Product Review & Applications

Updated on March 25, 2013
Rapala Scatter Rap
Rapala Scatter Rap

Superior Erratic Action

The idea behind Rapala's new "Scatter Rap" series of baits is simple - change the normal action of their legendary series to baits, to a more "erratic," "scattered" type of action, to mimic an injured or fleeing bait fish. Well, they have nailed it - the action on these baits are incredible.

The secret behind the new "scattered" action is the newly designed bill (see image right). The bill is now more of a "cup" shaped design, and reminds me a lot of the bill on the front of a top water bait, the "skitter pop." This new design changes the flow of water over the bill, causing a very unique swimming action; however, this does not impede the number of applications you can use the bait under.

New Rapala Scatter Rap

Bait Applications & Presentations

I thought for sure with the newly designed bill (just by looking at it), that there was no way this bait could be trolled - but after reading product descriptions, and giving it a go - I found out I was wrong. The bait can be trolled at almost any speed; however, the obvious shortcoming of this bait is again evident from it's bill - the fact that it is a shallow water bait only. When slowly trolled in shallow water in evening or twilight hours, the bait is a walleye slayer.

The bait is also a dynamite sub-surface or wake bait, when fish just aren't hitting top water baits, but still looking "up" for their prey, in the early morning hours. Simply slowly reel the bait, and watch the ripples form behind it, and you've got the perfect amount of commotion on the waters surface. This technique in particular drives bass crazy!

Then of course, because the bait is of a balsa design and a floater - the bait lends itself well to the standard "stop and go" retrieve that Rapala is legendary for. Again, you are limited to shallow water scenarios only, but I can't think of a better way to utilize this bait, than the reel and pause technique, truly mimicking an injured bait fish.

Price Is Steep - But Worth It

As with any Rapala product (especially the new ones) the price is pretty steep at around $9.00 for any of the new Scatter Rap styles: Scatter Rap Shad, Scatter Rap Countdown, Scatter Rap Crank, & Scatter Rap Minnow.

I certainly recommend you buy your new Scatter Rap bait in the series/style you prefer most (for me it was the minnow style), that way you have a strong foundation from which to compare this bait to the traditional. I think you'll agree the action is unique and unbeatable!


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