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Rashad Evans VS Rampage Jackson At UFC 114

Updated on April 16, 2012

Rashad Evans vs Rampage Jackson

Oh boy the time is now, the fight is on. On May 29, at UFC 114. Rashad Evans (19-1-1) will finally be fighting mma legend Quinton Rampage Jackson (30-7-0). After all the showboating, and trash talking these two power houses will finaly get there chances at eachother. Most of us know about this two, and how Rampage and Rashad just do not like eachother. Both fighters where coaches on The Ultimate Fighter reality tv show, and it was on that show that two fighters became liget enemys, with trash talking coming from both ends.

Rashad Evans !

Rashad was born in september 25, 1979 , born and raised in Lansing Michigan Rashad knows all about growing up arround and in tough earas where street fighting was the norm. Rashad Evans is a former Light Heavyweight Champion, and he has victories over Chuck Liddell, Thaigo Silva, and Forrest Griffin. It was the win over Forrest griffin, that would put the title belt around Evans waist. Evans trains at the world famous Jackson’s Submission Camp and has only one loss on his record. Rashads only loss was against Lyoto Machida when he defended his Light Heavy Weight title.

Rampage Jackson Gear

Quinton Rampage Jackson !


Quinton Rampage Jackson ( 30-7-0) needs no introduction, this power house body slaming tough guy got his start, when he was  wrestling  for Raleigh-EgyptHigh School. Jackcon got his start in mixed martial arts over seas at Japans Pride Fighting Champions Ships , it was over seas that Rampage would be knowen for his crazy superman-like body slams, he even Knocked out Ricardo Arona with a body slam.

 Like Rashad, Rampage has also held the UFC Light Heavyweight title, but it was taking away from him by the world famous fighter Forrest Griffin. Also just like Rashad, Ramapage was a very successful wrestler. It will be cool to see these guys go toe to toe.

The Battle !

 So lets think about this for a moment? Who will win this bought at UFC114 Rashad Evans VS Rampage Jackson! Let’s break this down. Fighters have a back ground in wrestling, both fighters have knock out power in both hands, and also both fighters want to mangle the other one. The key to this fight will come down to Rashad’s quickness, and or Rampage body slams. I believe if Rashad Evans can stick and move he can come away with a victory, but if Rampage gets a-hold on Evans its lights out for Evans. All I know is as a martial artest and a huge fan of Mixed Martial Arts; I am extremely excided for this fight on May 29 at UFC 114


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