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Re-scoring the 2007 Worlds: Who was the real winner?

Updated on October 18, 2014

Miki Ando was not the winner. Period!

I hadn't watched the whole competitions. So I never before doubted the result, but now that I have seen the entirety of the competition, I declare, it's wrong.

Two things need to be considered however. In 2007, the COP itself was running without quality reference like today: now we have references thanks to Yuna Kim.

Another thing is it was held in Japan; so strong bias toward Japanese skaters might have caused that result. If you look at the game in today's perspective as well as based on general understanding of figure skating, the result is found critically flawed.

The bottom line is Miki Ando cannot be the winner. That's a clear and unmovable fact.

No matter what factors you propose to me, her skating cannot and will not justify any judging standards of figure skating to be declared as a winner.

The real winner of 2007 was either Mao Asada or Yuna Kim or even Kimmie Meissner. Although I hardly believe Kimmie could have gotten gold in that competition, yes, it's three candidates that should have won the game.

More accurately it will be the game between Mao Asada and Yuna Kim.

The 2007 Worlds: Free


You may question then, "You said the result is not correct. Then why do you not call it a fraud? Why do you give immunity to the wrong result even if you admit the strong bias?"

Right. As long as there is an allegation of bias, there is a high possibility of fraud or designed scheme or corruption.

But I will have to point you at what those judges had in mind when they saw impressive short program by Ando, then her relative clean free while Kim fell twice and Asada screw big in short.

The funny thing is, that was another balancing game in 2007 version for the judges.

Even now people respond to falls sensitively. People love arguing against winning after falls. But as we know, we cannot penalize too much on the fall for many good reasons.

So the judges responded to Kim's falls and Asada's poor short more negatively than to Ando's poor free but without falls.

So at that time, I think, that psyche in addition to Japanese bias swung the votes.

Who do you think is the real winner in the 2007 Worlds?

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Ando is not on the podium.

Mao Asada's problem is jumps. Most of her jumps are -2 to -1. Especially, her high kicks before jump are subject to -2 regardless of landing.

High kicks are equivalent of disruption by poor landing. Bad habits before takeoff is as bad as uncontrolled landing. So strictly speaking, Asada with that habits will not have much GOE in general.

Yuna Kim's falls are all -3. Here, though her skills are undisputedly the best, her poor management due to her age shows glaring void. She is too busy. But as always, her flaws are the least among the lot.

Ando is however grotesquely over-scored here. All elements are subject to -GOE. I can't grade her jumps without -GOE. Speed, balance, and flow are not present.

That's not the kind of skating you can expect from top skaters. Her rightful PCS in free program is only 6.0 in average while her short PCS ranges 7.5 up to even 8. Ando's free is the worst sanctioned program with points wrongly boated.

That's almost close to fraud.

There is no way of explaining her near 200 points. Ando wouldn't make to the podium if judged correctly.

The 2007 worlds: Short


Kim or Asada?

As for Kim, due to her falls, I downgraded her PCS from 64 to 60. I admit I am a bit harsh to Kim on this; after all Kim's performance was superior to Asada except falls.

My rough scores for free are 125(PCS,TES: 63+62) for Asada, 115(60+55) for Kim, 115(60+55) for Meissner, and 110 (50+60) for Ando. I also admit my score for Kimmie may be biased.

So if those scores add to the official short scores, the standing is following: 186 for Kim, 186 for Asada, 180 for Kimmie, and 177 for Ando. So it looks like the game set between Kim and Asada.

But I would not call Kim winner. Well, the reason is quite obvious. Yeah, first, her two falls.

If the two are close enough, then the one without fall may be more persuasive to the audience. Though it sounds double penalty, let us say it's more practical.

So suffice is it to say that it would have been correct if Kim or Asada had been declared as a winner of the 2007 Worlds. And more practically if Asada was declared as the winner, it could have been more legitimate.

Who do you think should take sliver in the 2007 Worlds?

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The 2007 Worlds: short

Check out for Kostner and Kim

There are two great performances in the 2007 Worlds aside from those lovely skaters who graced the arena -How I miss them all!

One is Kostner's short program. That's one of her best; maybe the best. I don't find the program itself very interesting, but at least her jumps are impressive. I'd hand out +2 for the first jump.

Another is Kim's short. What caught my eyes is her first triple combo. I think that jump is the best ever jump done by any skater.

Yeah, the one that stunned Dick Button. The air-position, speed, angle, rotation, and landing are just beyond real.

I saw many Kim's jumps, but this one is unreal.

Who do you think should take bronze in the 2007 Worlds?

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    • profile image

      JM 3 years ago

      The 2011 World is much worse than this one. I'd like to see your re-scoring on the event as well. Thanks.