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Re-scoring the 2011 Worlds: 1

Updated on October 21, 2014

One of visitors asked me to do rescoring for the 2011 Worlds.

Come to think of it, I never paid attention to that particular Worlds. If my memory is correct, Kim split with Orser around that time, and the whole figure skating world was like a beehive.

So let's take a dive to the past. In this dark age, it's great to relive the glorious day we have had.

The 2011 Worlds Opening

Kim looks good, well mysteriously

I think I saw Kim's program in 2011 Worlds. I didn't get impressed at the time.

Well.... That's some skating.

I think there are a few reasons: first, probably my eyes are now so destitute by the conditions of figure skating with the ISU and all that. Second, it's after Kim's 2010 Olympics, and after Kim's split with Orser.

So after all fantastic dramas were behind and expectation might have been unreasonably higher than it should, you can guess.

Two things are nonetheless I want to point out. At the time I noticed that Kim's sit spin losing its shape, and told myself and my friends that that's the sign of problem in her skating.

And I knew then, and even now I know that sit spin is the first thing you want to look at when a skater undergoes depression or lack of training or any skating quality is compromised.

I may have noticed that even in 2010 Worlds too. I am not quite sure of it though. I am just writing this without checking it.

But that's much likely, I bet. Especially in Yuna Kim's skating you can tell her conditions by her sit spin. In other words, sit spin is such a delicate and difficult element to perfect.

You can't get away with flexibility or technical skill, when you do sit spin.

Okay, I am sidetracking now. Let's talk about Kim's short.

Yes, first thing is that I am very impressed by her body language. I think, I thought back then, her jump mistake might be a telltale of her impaired mental strength after the split with Orser.

But now I look at her, she seems fine in her body language. Actually, even though her jump fails, her move on ice satisfies me. That's how skaters should skate. Doesn't matter you fail in jump or not, you skate just like her.

Another thing is however, as I mentioned, her sit spin is losing its shape. But except that, her move is good enough.

Her first jump may be downgraded with -3. But yeah, her move is very satisfying.

How do you grade Kim's short?

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Yuna Kim in 2011

Her first jump is -3 without downgrading; I checked it again and found it not so bad to render downgrading. Her other jumps are +2 to +1, and overall moves are good.

I don't like her over dramatic gesture in the middle of program. I know that's a kind of trend at the time and even now. Again skaters should express their through body not by facial or over-acting.

I downgraded her PCS from 9.0 to 8.75 due to her fall; I know that sounds a bit double penalty, but it's competition. Let us say that's how I try to be fair or even more competition friendly as well as in favor of quality control.

My verdict is 66. I think that's almost the same as the official score.

Miki Ando in 2011

Again I like Ando's performance. Maybe the best of her performance.

I wonder why Ando so screwed in 2007 Worlds. I like how she moves on the ice here. That's how you skate. Of course she is not as polished as Kim or Asada, but her skating is on track.

She moves with music and very intently poised to the flow of program. Kudos for Ando!

Of course, the music is a bit too obvious; it's easy to skate for any skater, but still I clap my hands for Ando. Just do it. Go for it!

I see Ando's improvement here. I think if Ando wins, I think that's an acceptable victory with this kind of performance.

I will give her +1 for her two jumps. My verdict is 32 for TES and 30 for PCS, which makes 62 in total.

How do you grade Ando's short?

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      JM 3 years ago

      Thanks for your post. Please continue to write about free program, too. :)