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Re-scoring the 2014 Cup of China

Updated on November 12, 2014

The ISU continues to fool the world with their Russian agenda.

But it won't cut no matter how desperately they try and try. The more they try to cover up with bogus GOE and PCS, the more pathetic and the more gross.

We will see sooner than later how a long build-up of lie amounts to.

Their lie grows like snowball. First lie becomes a trigger of avalanche. It already shows its phony display each time in a fantastic scale, and only those ISU judges can't see that coming.

To make the story short, none of Grand Prix champion this year is legitimate.

This COC competition is no exception.

Polina Edmunds in 2014

Disappointing outing by Polina.

Speed and power glaringly lack and her skating looks more compromised. I can't blame her. Those who skate much less and inferior to her heap up points, and what could possibly motivate her to gamble.

Polina's jumps are -2 to -1 mostly, and her PCS will have 6.5 in average.

She will have 50 for TES and 52 for PCS, which gives her 102 in total.

How do you grade Polina's free?

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Polina Edmunds in 2014

I must conofess Polina comes much short of my expectation.

Her speed and exectitions are not enough for quality performance. After all, potential and reality are often too far from each other.

Her jumps are -3, -2, and -2 while other elements too range -GOE to 0.

Her score will be 25 for TES and 26 for PCS which gives her 51 in total.

How do you grade Polina's short?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Quite honestly, what's difference? Is there anything different between when Julia landed jumps and when she didn't?

No. There isn't anything different.

It's just a bad skating that links to the ISU fraud forever.

In the future, people will talk about this. This was once an ISU bred skating.

How do you grade Julia's free?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

I am here very generous to Julia. Against my better judgment, I decided to less penalize her jumps. She tried hard.

All her jumps are marked -2 rather than -3, but again you are watching a messy skating that the ISU promotes. The score is really a joke.

All her moves are broken and full of jagged imbalance one after another. Ain't it stupid that those lying bastards know how to appreciate Julia's spins yet unable to see disastrous line?

You may want to ask them why they are amazed at her spins. They would reply, "Look at the balance, line, curve and symmetry!"

Then, you can't even tell how broken and jagged each of her move look throughout the program?

What stupid idiots!

Her short has 26 for TES and 24 for PCS, which gives her 50 in total.

How do you grade Julia's short?

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Elizaveta Tuktamisheva

Again Liza's skating is close to techincal cheating.

In her skating, there is no skating at all. Her speed and her posture through the program are compromised for her to safely land jumps without doing real skating. Even when she lands them, there is no contextual flow, but a feeble gesture.

Liza's jumps are categorically hopping like Lipnitskaia's.

Liza is unable to attempt jumps without making those hung-up posture, which is not acceptable for due quality. You can't wobble around like in ducklings' babysteps, nor can you make yourself like permanently hunched while skaitng.

It's simply maddening to award that skating with 8.0s PCS and with + jump GOE.

Lisa's skating is another fantastic display of ISU fraud like Lipnitskaia's.

All her jumps are subject to -1 to -2 regardless of landing. I am trying not to penalize her more than I ought to.

Liza will have 50 for TES and 50 for PCS which gives her 100 in total.

How do you grade Liza's free?

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Elizaveta Tuktamisheva

All her jumps are -1. The quality of her jump is not good enough for ratification, although I commend her for her rotation and axis in the air sometimes.

In order for Liza to qualify for GOE or full ratification, she needs to remove her hung-up posture, increase speed and make flows after landing.

Her short will have 27 for TES and 26 for PCS , which makes 53 in total.

How do you grade Liza's short?

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