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Re-scoring the 2014 NHK

Updated on December 1, 2014

Good job, Gracie!

I can't be wholeheartedly happy with Gracie's win in NHK, however.

Apparently it is just another show only to cover up the ISU's ongoing fraud.

It's not even a year since Yuna Kim retired, but it almost feels like three decades ago.

It's too far for us to reach.

Long deteriorated. Worn out, and impaired to the core. Better abandoned than fixed. Oh, yes! Certainly Kim went out too far alone.

You saw it and they saw it and we all saw it but now it seems that nobody can tell how to get there.

Well, we will get there ... eventually as long as institutional integrity can be restored. One by one. Step by step.

But today who can hope for tomorrow?

Gracie Gold in 2014

Gracie's performance seems better, or maybe not.

If you compare her here to previous outings, her flow in execution is heightened, I think. Wait! second thought, I am not sure. Well, you go figure.

But the problem is that Gracie's control of program can't go beyond 7.25s in PCS.

However, in this time of bankrupt mess of figure skating, Gracie's way of skating is way better than Russian imbalance and physiological deformity.

My scoring sheet for the jumps are in the following: -1,-1, -2, -1, 0, -3, -2.

Gracie will have 48 for TES and 58 for PCS which gives her 106 in total.

How do you grade Gold's free?

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Gracie Gold in 2014

Funny to say "honest" skating again here.

But these days all we can expect from ladies figure skating seems a certain "honest" skating. With speed and execution continuity, even if you may fall, you go your routine without a moment of flinching.

Your skating needs to show how to properly use edge throughout the program. In other words, your moves shouldn't show physiological imbalance and disruption in flow.

Gracie's moves are much desired in many aspects such as accuracy and polishing, but they are not grafted, but naturally grown.

Her jumps are -1, -1, -1.

Her score will be 30 TES and 30 for PCS which gives her 60 in total.

How do you grade Gold's short?

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Alena Leonova in 2014


Leonova's skating is a typical Russian skating, although it's a bit better than Julia or Elena, but not necessarily superior to Sotnikova.

Leonova somewhat reminds me of Rachael Flatt, but her edge seems much desired.

Honestly I can't say how much more depleted Leonova's skating is compared to Flatt's but I can't get warm toward Leonova's skating. I don't know why.

Regardless of how the judges falsely awards Leonova's skating, shallowness seems getting under my skin.

Leonova's jumps are -1,-3,-1,-3,-2, -3, -1.

Her TES will be 47 while her PCS 53, which gives her 100 in total.

How do you grade Leonova's free?

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Alena Leonova in 2014

I think Leonova's first jump was done quite good, except her approach, flow, and physiological imbalance.

Though it's quite raw, in technical point, it's acceptable especially in terms of speed and clear landing. I decided to award her with +1 after a long soul searching deliberation.

It's similar to Adelina's case. When a skater did it above her average, I am more inclined to award it despite a few defects.

That is, I didn't find its quality sufficient, but in her level, clear landing itself is an accomplishment.

Her jumps are +1, -1, -1.

Leonova will have 29 for TES and 26 for PCS, which gives her 55 in total.

How do you grade Leonova's short?

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Satoko Miyahara in 2014


Miyahara is a newbie that Japan advocates theses days.

No offence, but having been sick and tired of those Russian deformity, I am not enthusiastic about her.

Russians mass produce deformed skaters, and now Japanese present a world of skating Tinker bell.

Ironically though, this tiny girl shows better moves than entire Russians frauds. Her moves are immature but if you compare her to Russians in general, it becomes a showcase.

Russians now begin to wonder, "Shall we have to produce skaters in that size in order to make them move in acceptable continuity?"

They may as well do so. After all it would be better than stringed puppet cacophony, wouldn't it?

Miyahara's jumps are -3,0,-3,-2,-1,-1,0.

Her TES will be 51 while her PCS 50, which will give her 101 in total.

How do you grade Miyahara's free?

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Satoko Miyahara in 2014

I give a big hand for her, but ....

This figure skating genetics is going over the hill.

You don't have to think I don't like her skating. Rather I wish those Russian skaters look more like her, then I will be less frustrated.

Miyahara's jumps are -2,-2, -2.

I think I am pretty generous to Miyahara's jumps.

Despite Miyahara's inherent limit in performance, she put out a very commendable show. I am not sure of her age, and I can't be sure how her execution can earn merits compared to other senior competitors, but at least, her skating is a lot less juniorish than all those Russians.

A good thing about Miyahara is that she almost doesn't show technical juniorism. A big kudo to her!

But her overall handling and execution, as you see, remain premature yet.

Her TES will be 27 while PCS 26, which gives her 53 in total.

How do you grade Miyahara's short?

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