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Re-scoring the 2014 TEB

Updated on November 24, 2014

The 2014 TEB concluded with three for podium: Elena Radionova, Julia Lipnitskaia, and Ashley Wagner.

As expected, Elena Radionova and Julina Lipnitskaia led the pre-set competition by the ISU judges.

But if judging were done correctly, Wagner was the real winner.

Again the judges got away with a petty excuse of Wagner's jump accuracy.

With pompous trumpets and ceremonial solemnity, the ISU continues its long parade of fraud.

This way, I think, the ISU judges could have even got away with murder.

Elena Radionova in 2014

Say, the ISU and its sidekick judges are a bunch of con-artists.

Yes, it's a given, but it is so annoying to hear those block-headed commentators piping up the baloney.

Institutional lie is one thing, but its would-be accomplices whose honey dipped silver-tongues disgrace the civilized world are really a sight.

How one could be that stupid, I wonder.

Personally I like Elena; she is lovely and energetic.

Regrettably Elena's skating is not qualified skating at all, but with my good will, I am trying to be more lenient but I can't award her +GOE on any element she put out.

Her jumps will receive -2,-2.-3,-2,-2,-2 with -GOE on spins and step sequences.

Her scores will be 53 for TES and 50 for PCS which gives her 103 in total.

How do you grade Radionova's free?

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Elena Radionova in 2014

Compared to Julia, I think, Elena's performance has a few merits along with a few defects, some of which appear more serious than Julia's.

For example, Elena's air position in jump appears a huge flaw, which renders automatic -2 regardless of other qualities.

But her jumping approach is better than Julia's. In general she jumps better than Julia.

Her jumps are -2,-2,-1, and -GOE at her spins.

Her score will be 27 for TES and 25 for PCS which gives her 52 in total.

How do you grade Radionova's short?

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Ashley Wagner in 2014

Ashley's performance isn't good, but Ashley's skating is still far superior to Julia or Elena.

Only no luck for Ashley with the those like-minded bunch of frauds.

Her jumps are 0, -3,-1,-2,-2,0, -3.

Her score will be 47 for TES and 56 for PCS, which gives her 103 in total.

How do you grade Wagner's free?

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Ashley Wagner in 2014

Ashley's doing okay here.

Her jumps are -1,-1,-1 and her spin is -GOE.

Her score will be 25 for TES and 30 for PCS which gives her 55 in total.

How do you grade Wagner's short?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Julia looks gaining weight, and her skating seems a bit smoother than before, but the content didn't change much.

Her jumps are just disgrace to call jump: takeoff, height, air-position, landing, speed and flow all are bankrupt.

It is such nonsense to award her skating +GOE; they are not even qualified for ratification.

If I must grade accurately, her jumps are -4 to -5 GOE, of course, only if GOE can expand that much.

Simply mind-boggling to watch the ISU fooling the whole world with that trash skating.

But I am also trying to be lenient, if possible. However, I am giving her -2 rather than -3, which she deserves categorically.

This time I will give her +1 GOE for spins, and put her ahead of Elena in PCS.

Her score will be 45 for TES and 52 for PCS, which gives her 97 in total.

How do you grade Lipnitskaia's free?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Julia's moves are much better than before.

Her skating, however, doesn't make difference; her skating is too deplete to fix.

Julia's jumps are -2.-2.-2,and her spin will be -GOE. Her scores will be 27 for TES and 26 for PCS, which gives her 53 in total

How do you grade Lipnitskaia's short?

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