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Ready steady London Olympics 2012

Updated on July 26, 2012

London 2012

an eyesore to many people
an eyesore to many people | Source
London bride view at night
London bride view at night | Source
the fastest man in the world.
the fastest man in the world. | Source

London Olympics

The London Olympics is just less than a day away already the whole of London is busy with traffic and the whole city is buzzing with excitement about the games.The Olympics game going to start from 27th July and 12th august 2012, then the Paralympic going to be from 29th august 2012 till 9th September 2012.The overground and underground station are going to be jam packed as the games begins well pretty much the whole of London is going to full of traffic jams. Already this week the streets are full of cars in long line of traffic cant imagine what will happen after and during the London 2012. Everywhere I go everyone is excited for the games to start well this is the big event to happen in London after a long time well after Prince Williams wedding to now Duchess Kate last year, also the Queens Diamond jubilee.

There are going to be lots of games to attend such as Boxing,Archery,Badminton and swimming. The one i am going to look forward to is the Gymnastic Artistic and Rhythmic, I am not going to attend as I am going to watch via television but some of my friends may attend. It is going to madness to say the least as people all over the world will be travelling to attend the London 2012 to see their favourite games.

There will be many athletes who will be living up to their title such as the world fastest man Usain Bolt from Team Jamaica who will be competing in the men Athletics hopefully he be fit enough to compete. Many countries are going to try their to best to grab the gold such as United Kingdom,USA,Brazil,Jamaica and China and a few more. There will be a wide audience who will be watching all over the world and who will be all rooting for their country and favourite athletes.

The Olympic opening ceremony going to begin on 27th July 2012 but yesterday night i could see the Stratford Olympic stadium full of beaming lights and fireworks going off in every direction it was a nice view i cant imagine how it will be tomorrow night when the opening ceremony begins. I am looking forward to the games but really not looking forward to the traffic and what not, I do feel for those people who are still working and the traffic are going to delay them in every possible way.

I hope London 2012 opening ceremony will be as exciting as their predecessor such As China maybe maybe not but we will see what the London 2012 will is a BIg event that London will be holding after a long time and hope it goes well. To everyone who is going or not enjoy yourself and hope the nice weather holds up for a while.

going for gold

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