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Real Madrid vs Manchester City

Updated on April 26, 2016

Who will be the Victor to tonight's Semi-Final?

We are left with only 2 obstacles to overcome and reach the Final of the Champions League, which will be held in the Majestic grounds of Milan.

The Whites will be playing away from home at the Etihad stadium. Bale had mentioned earlier that they need to play together as a team and to score a goal in their pre-match-build-up. Real Madrid is taking a full squad to City, which includes the phenomenal Cristiano Ronaldo and the talented Karim Benzema.

Real Madrid have played extremely well in their last five fixtures in all competitions which resulted in wins. However, even though Real Madrid has been playing up to par, Manchester City hasn't been leaving anyone in doubt as theyve also been playing their part.

In the UEFA Champions League 2012/13 Real Madrid defeated Manchester City by 3-2. After many attemots from both sides, former player Dzeko managed to score the first goal at 68 minutes. Marcelo made fans smile as he scored the first goal for Real Madrid. The entire match was intriguing by the way the ball was passed, the way the players were performing, etc. Former Real Madrid coach Jose Mourhino was left in wonderment and pride when Ronaldo scored the closing goal.

With new coach Zinedine Zidane we will be excited to see how this match turns out.

R.M vs M.C
R.M vs M.C


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