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Real time and lucky draw in Champions League

Updated on March 21, 2016

In the Champions League quarter-finals this year, Wolfsburg vs Benfica are two options for the group dream teams. Eventually luck belongs Real and Bayern, while PSG Man City encounter, while Barca met tough opponent "hit" Atletico.
Compared with Bayern, Real even more fortunate for having jackpot consecutive second-round knockout. In the last round of 16, the Madrid giants AS Roma have to fight only (final 4-0), while Barca have to play against Arsenal, with Juventus also Bayern War.
Many recent seasons, Real also have time lucky most prestigious arena in Europe. While Barca continually have met strong opponents, leaves visitors always favored "white vultures" to the lower level teams or without the strongest force.
A typical example of luck for Real last season. While Barca constantly having to type Man City, PSG and Bayern, Real disengaged meet Schalke, Atletico at the time of decline and Juventus.
Even in the 2013-2014 championship season, the Bernabeu hosts do not need to spend too much effort just to meet Schalke in the round of 16 (9-2 final win) and Dortmund (missing many players, Real won 3- 2).
Results round of 16 and quarter-finals of the Real in the most recent season:
Season 2014/2015:
Round 16 teams
Schalke - Real Madrid 0-2
Real Madrid - Schalke 3-4
Atl├ętico Madrid - Real Madrid 0-0
Real Madrid - Atl├ętico 1-0
Season 2013/2014:
Round 16 teams
Schalke - Real Madrid 1-6
Real Madrid - Schalke 3-1
Real Madrid - Borussia D. 3-0
Borussia D. - Real Madrid 2-0
Season 2012/2013:
Round 16 teams
Real Madrid - Manchester United 1-1
Manchester United - Real Madrid 1-2
Real Madrid - Galatasaray 3-0
Galatasaray - Real Madrid 3-2
Season 2011/2012:
Round 16 teams
CSKA Moscou - Real Madrid 1-1
Real Madrid - CSKA Moscou 4-1
APOEL - Madrid 0-3
Real Madrid - APOEL 5-2
Season 2010/2011:
Round 16 teams
Olympique Lyon - Real Madrid 1-1
Real Madrid - Olympique Lyon 3-0
Real Madrid - Tottenham 4-0
Tottenham - Real Madrid 0-1


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