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Reasons to Archery Hunt for Deer

Updated on January 23, 2012
Compound Bow
Compound Bow | Source

As a female archery hunter, I am trying to reach out to my fellow women to get out into the woods and archery hunt! If you're a fan of the outdoors, it's a nice way to unwind and have the stress and duties of your life be put on hold. Women need a chance to relax and here's a perfect way to do it!

Top 10 Reasons to Archery Hunt (In no particular order)

  1. Ability to sit in the woods in the fresh air, with nothing on your mind but the sounds of the birds chirping and the squirrels gathering nuts.
  2. If your significant other hunts, it provides an activity for the both of you to do together!
  3. In archery season, the deer need to come alot closer than rifle season; usually to around 30 yards. This gives you, the hunter, an opportunity to observe the deer in their natural habitat...which is really cool!
  4. Archery hunting takes practice. Anyone who loves a challenge makes a great archery hunter. In most cases, one must shoot the bow throughout the year to become successful.
  5. In PA, you get to hunt while the buck are rutting. This is a great opportunity to shoot that monster buck because all he is worried about is getting to a doe, rather than the fact that he is running right by your stand during daylight hours!
  6. You often need to track your deer if the deer is shot in the woods, or runs into the woods. A broadhead is a little less lethal than a 150 grain bullet. In most cases, the deer will get hit, and then run for a while before laying down. This gives you an opportunity to learn how to track a deer, and make you better at it for the future.
  7. ´╗┐In PA, archery season is much warmer than rifle season. This means you don't have to sit out in the cold!
  8. If you get a deer, you'll have deer meat for the upcoming year!
  9. In PA, archery season comes before rifle season, so you get a chance to score a big one before the deer get spooked by all of the guns firing.
  10. It's a fun sport to participate in and pass on to your kids or grandkids, or even other family members or friends!


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    • KStro18 profile image

      KStro18 5 years ago from PA

      If youre interested in tryingit, it's totally doable! My bow is only set at 45 pounds and works great! I have proof! If pulling back a bow is definitely not an option, you could always try a crossbow :)

    • Dee42 profile image

      Dee42 5 years ago from Beautiful Arkansas

      Women that can pull back that string.... My gosh, it's so difficult! It's a major Kudos to you gals!!