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Reasons to Choose Carbon Arrows for your Compound Bow

Updated on April 3, 2015

By reading the title, I am sure that you already know my stance on carbon arrows. While they are a little more expensive than other options that can be found, I believe that this cost is justified. There are many benefits that outweigh the slight increase in price, in my honest opinion. I also believe that they are some of the most versatile arrows that are out there. Many might think that they are just for hunting, but they are so much more.

I can't stand it when I see shooters hit the field with their bows that cost upwards of $1000, but they choose to get the cheapest fiberglass arrows out there. With that being said, I do not think that there is anything particularly wrong with fiberglass. If you are looking for optimal performance, you should get something that matches your setup. The key to being successful in this industry is being as accurate as possible. So, why would you not get the right tools to set you up? In the following article I will explain to you why I think that carbon arrows are optimal when shooting a compound bow. I will also start off by explaining the other available options.

What are My Options?

The first thing that ANYONE should do when they are looking for arrows is they should see what options are at their disposal. When you go to purchase a car, you don't just leave with the first thing that catches your eye. You have to make sure that you see what is out there, so that you can make an informed decision. The same can be said for arrows (or anything in the archery and bow hunting industries). There are so many options that are out there, but for the purposes of this article, I will explain to you the top 3 competitors.

Snapshot of the Competitors

  • Wood: These arrows are more of a novelty, in my opinion. They are typically not as durable and consistent as the other options, but they sure do look nice. There is also simple and "old school feel" that you get when shooting these arrows. Most traditional shooters like these arrows and they are sure fun to make.
  • Fiberglass: Many people will knock on these arrows because of their weight, but they are some of the toughest and the most durable. This means that they will be slow, but they will last you a good bit of time. These shafts are the next step up in price from the wooden arrows. A kicker for mos people is that most fiberglass arrows have glue-on and not screw-on tips.
  • Aluminum: Their straightness and weight tolerances are better than most, except for the carbon arrows. They will typically be quieter because they are heavier than the carbons. There are also a ton of options for size and spine to allow for optimal fine tuning.

So Why You Should Go With Carbon

If you are looking to perform at an optimal level, then I would suggest going with carbon. These arrows give you the best of all worlds. If you go to a pro shop to get some arrows, the first thing that I recommend that you do is see if they will let you shoot some. *Note that not every shop will accommodate this request. The Woods Archery Range that I go to usually has some that they will let you see on their range. If you shoot one of each of the arrows, you will immediately notice how well they fly. Because of their carbon composition, they will be faster and lighter than any other type of arrows that are the same spine.

Carbon arrows are also some of the most durable arrows that are out there. They don't really bend, and they are extremely hard to break. This means that they will keep their straightness throughout their lifetime. If you are looking to hunt with them, I feel that they give slightly better penetration on whatever it is that you are hunting. This is most likely due to the extra FPS that you get from carbon.

The only thing with carbons is that you need to keep your eye on them. Ensure that there are no cracks on them before you shoot them because carbon arrows can splinter. It doesn't happen very often, but I would always prefer that you are better safe than sorry. You should be checking ANY of your arrows before you shoot them either way. As long as you work them into your pre shoot routine, there is no reason that the carbons should not last you a long time. Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you.

I understand that there are many options out there to choose from. I just feel that the carbon fiber have been the best for me. I welcome any feedback that the readers might have in regards to something that they think might be better.

What are your favorite arrows to shoot with?

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