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Reasons why some people are attracted to dangerous sports or other dangerous activities.

Updated on June 1, 2015

Reasons why some people are attracted to dangerous activities and sports.

Why is it that young people are attracted to dangerous and extreme sports? People can now do parachute jumping from space and go deep sea diving short of oxygen. These sports are seemingly a few of the newest cases of extreme sports. I know you concur with me that these games undoubtedly sound precarious, and it’s in fact alluring to refer to them as ill-advised. Sometimes I ask myself what people will do next: Will they soon start Skateboarding down Mount Everest? Well for me, surfing catch my mind's eye. I have only seen it on Television; nonetheless it is one of my reveries to glide the tops of the breakers on a surfboard, poised like a dancer, and skim effortlessly onto a sandy beach.

I believe you are familiar with the extreme sports I’m talking about. The fact of the matter is, these sports are dangerous. They can lead to fatal accidents, these sports are not for the chicken-hearted, and you must be courageous to try out some of these sports. Apparently, extreme sports are characterized by at least one of the following things: Height, danger, speed, or outstanding maneuvers.

There are numerous factors that draw people to extreme and seemingly dangerous sports. One of the reasons is that most people are more often than not fascinated by challenging some elements of the natural world. The majority of them are attracted and strongly desire to dare scaling a very high mountain or defying the law of gravity. It is interesting how these sports are increasingly becoming more and more prevalent these days, specifically among teenagers.

I finds mountains inspirational and perplexing. Do you ask yourself why most of us are drawn to mountains each year? Imaginably, it is because mountains challenge our acceptance that the world has been made by humans and for the humans. I consider mountain climbing one of the most dangerous sports that exist. A climber can accidentally fall by possibly missing a step that can result in fatal injuries and extreme instances can lead to death. I conclude that mountain climbers undertake these sports because they desire to challenge their capabilities and possibly overcome their limits. An exhilarating discovery is that these people like to live for the ecstasy of that moment without putting into consideration the repercussion of their undertakings.

Additionally, another reason some people are attracted to risky and dangerous sports is because most of them do not have rules, and you can craft your challenges. I love attempting new jumps on my new skateboard, and I admit it feels awesome to get a new challenge or rather a trick right. The thing is; the so-called dangerous sports present an opportunity to sharpen or develop skills. I’m one of the people attracted to these games. However, I still believe deep sea diving devoid of oxygen is simply a plain daft.

Finally, some people are drawn to seemingly dangerous sports for fame and economic reasons. In our contemporary world, some people may participate in hazardous activities to attract attention. We are living in a ferociously competitive and money-oriented world. I wouldn’t be shocked to see some people risking their lives to prove that they are the most daring, the best and the greatest. Boxers are completely aware that they are susceptible to everlasting brain damage; however, they continue this profession.

I admit that extreme sports are completely entertaining as a matter of fact I’m a fanatic to these sports. However, I think there should be a limit to the extent we should engage in these sports. Those who participate in extreme sports have one thing in common, and that is they are all not afraid of death. You may have heard of a race driver who referred to death as a sympathetic mother who embrace her child after a tempestuous day. As much as we love these sports I think we need some moderation put in place for the sake of our precious life.


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