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Recollections of a 15 year old Bruce Lee fan

Updated on August 9, 2017

He was 5'7" of pure martial arts dynamite! The year was 1973, I was a fifteen year old kid, caught up in Brucemania. Although I was first captivated by him in the 60's Green Hornet tv show, it was his 1970's movies that really made me a fan.

It was on a Sunday, my friends and I caught the number 47 bus downtown to the Grand Theatre in Cincinnati. Bear in mind, this was a time before VCR's, DVD's, Cable, so downtown was satuarated with movie houses. We arrived downtown, and promptly joined the rest of the Grand's patrons, in a line that stretched a half a city block.

Finally we got into the theatre. The film Enter The Dragon was already in full swing. The place was packed, but my friends and I managed to get seated together. I sat mesmerized at the skill and speed Bruce used to dispatched all comers. There was a scene in which he stood at the gravesite reciting a vow to his dead relatves, before he left for his mission on Han's Island. He was dressed in a three-piece suit, and I tell you, the females went wild.

My favoite scene inolved Han's henchmen catching up to Bruce while trying to get the elevator. There was a beat. You can hear them rushing up behind him. He slowly turns, and takes care of about 10 of them using only his hands! Then, of course there was the famous nunchaku scene. One thing still puzzles me though, maybe someone can answer it. How, after Bruce was caught, the villians got close enough to tie his hands, and he had the nunchaku draped around his neck.

Needless to say, I watched that movie three times, while at the Grand. Afterwards, I was hooked, I started learning martial arts, I bought almost evey magazine connected with him, I saw all of his films, and still enjoy them to this day.

When he died, I had the clipping. I kept it under my pillow. It was hard for me to realze he was dead, and thought it was just a publicity stunt for some movie.

He was a true martial arts innovator with his creation Jeet Kune Do, and his influence is still felt in the martial arts world, almost 40 years after his death.

Enter The Dragon DVD

Experience every kick and punch from this 1973 martial arts classic. This film made Bruce Lee a bonafide superstar, resulting in the popularity of the Kung-fu genre, and giving rise to many Bruce Lee imitators.

In addition to Lee, the film stars the late karate film legend Jim Kelly, Hollywood heavyweight, John Saxon, Anna Capri, and Shek Kim as the villainous Han.


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    • thedragon319 profile image

      thedragon319 8 years ago from TX

      I agree. He took martial arts to a new degree and repsected him as a man and an artist. I read his biography at 15 and ever since then have admired him. He was a student of philosophy and really relied on himself and no one else- something I think more people need. My favorite quote of his is, "If you put limits on yourself you might as well be dead." A legend.