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The Most Important Item You Need When Camping

Updated on August 10, 2015
Double Wide Rectangular Sleeping Bag
Double Wide Rectangular Sleeping Bag | Source

I grew up with these

Many of us remember going camping when we were younger and back then, I won't mention a year in fear of dating myself, the only option we had for sleeping under the stars was a rectangular shaped sleeping bag. Many new styles have been invented to keep you warmer, make them lighter or to make it easier to pack and store. There is just something about the traditional style I like and I'm sure you may agree.

One of the top reasons I like these type of sleeping bags is because of the room you have to move around. Some of the mummy style bags will keep you warmer in -25 degree weather but don't plan on moving much, not that you would want to in that kind of weather. I guess the mummy sleeping bags are meant to be a miniature tent, this way you don't have to carry a tent on your next hiking trip. Some people like the feeling of blankets tucked tight into them and for these types of people a mummy bag would be ideal.

Another reason I prefer the rectangular sleeping bags is they come in a two person style. This is great for couples who want to snuggle under the stars while on their camping trip. It's very romantic and it will make for some great memories for years to come. If its cold outside it makes it increases the effectiveness of the bag because echothers body heat will keep you warmer.

On a summer night you can unzip the rectangular version all the way and use it as a pad to sleep on which is something you can't do with a mummy bag. Try zipping two rectangular bags together and now you have a queen sized sleeping bag. This is specially good for those of us who require more space to sprawl out.

Mummy sleeping bags are very limited and with all the new technology today the rectangular sleeping bags give you more options with size, weight and temperature tolerances down to below zero temps. next time you're in the market to purchase a sleeping bag think about what you'll really be using it for and not because it's the in thing or just looks cool.


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