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Red Top Mountain

Updated on January 5, 2011

In an earlier hub I talked about the essentials of finding a good place to camp.  You can read it here The reason I'm able to share these tips is because I've goofed up before.  I haven't always hit a home run campsite.  Red Top Mountain State Park was a disappointment and I'll tell you why.

First for me, the timing of this camping trip was irrelevant.  My wife and I enjoy camping while on the road.  This trip we were moving from GA to MO in July.  July is probably not the best time to go as it is a little hot, but it wasn't unbearable.  The elevation is good and it is well shaded.  Not to mention it is on a lake so the breeze from lake is very nice.  

The scenery at this state park is really good.  It's not amazing, but it is really good.  The scenery was the reason my wife and I decided to stop here.  We looked at some pictures and saw that this would be a nice place to see.  Plus I could get some fishing in while in the middle of a road trip.

What kept this place from being a homerun was the crowds.  All the campsites by the lake were taken by big old recreational vehicles that seemed dead set on obstructing views, playing their music loud, and having beer drinking competitions.  I tried to get down to the lake to fish by walking through people's campsites, only to struggle to find a place to cast because of all the boaters.  My wife and I got in the car the next morning not feeling refreshed at all, despite being in a beautiful place.  The crowds had ruined it.


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