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Boston Red Sox Christmas 2014

Updated on December 26, 2014

Boston Red Sox Christmas - Tree Ornaments & Gifts for Your Red Sox Fan

2013 World Series Champions! Woot! Woot!

My ideal Christmas Day? Sitting with my family around a Christmas tree bejeweled with Boston Red Sox Christmas ornaments - lounging in my Red Sox pajamas - reading my favorite book about the Red Sox - then watching the 2004 & 2007 AND NOW, 2013 playoffs and World Series on DVD. Ahhhh, joy! Deck the Halls with boughs of Red Sox, Fa La La La La, and all that jazz, as Lucy would say.

Y'know, your Christmas tree needs some new ornaments this year, right? So why not get the best kind - the Red Sox kind.

And, that travel coffee cup is leaking again, and the old mugs in the cupboard are all chipped and stained. Let's get a new one with the right sort of Christmas spirit - to hold the hot cocoa for Santa. Yeahhhh, that's the ticket, it's for Santa ...

Have a ball - and a Red Sox Merry Christmas!

Dear Santa,

I want new Pajamas,

To match my Red Sox.

Thanks, Tree

Boston Red Sox PJs for Boston Winters

Coziness under the Christmas Tree.

Every good New England gal needs good PJs to keep warm on those blustery winter nights - and what better design than the Red Sox?

Red Sox Christmas Tree Ornaments

The globe types. I'm a traditionalist - and these types of ornaments are my favorite kind.

Oooh, they're so shiny and bright! I love Christmas!

My Favorite Red Sox Book

It's my favorite for these reasons:

1. Its title represents my sentiments.

2. It has a plethora of footnotes (and I love footnotes!)

3. It has great writing!

Boston Red Sox Tickets - to put Under the Tree

... or as a Christmas Stocking Stuffer. Oh, the joy of dreaming about watching the Red Sox play in the 2011 season!

Red Sox Ornaments - Fenway Park

What a great baseball field! Fenway Park has got to be one of the best ballparks in the country to watch a baseball game in! You just feel like you're sitting right on the field - unless you're on the Monster, of course (which is a "recent invention" of my 43 years - I was a bleachers gal).

Are You Asking Santa for Red Sox gear this Christmas?

Red Sox Christmas Stocking
Red Sox Christmas Stocking

Did you ask Santa for Red Sox Christmas toys?

See results

Red Sox Ornaments - the Cutesy Thing-a-ma-jigs!

(a Boston term)

Every Christmas tree needs some of these odd-shaped things - especially about our favorite team!

Wally - The Boston Red Sox Green Monster Mascot

The Green Monster and a Green Christmas Tree - what's not to like?!

Christmas Ornaments for All Our Teams

It's a Christmas Ornament Festival!

[Hey, just going down memory lane for a second . . . remember the days of Yaz, Bird, Grogan & Orr? Yep, my era.]

Us or Them for Christmas

2007 World Series Champs Boston Red Sox
2007 World Series Champs Boston Red Sox

Vote for your favorite Squidoo Christmas lens - as between

Us (RedSoxChristmas)


Them (YankeesChristmas)

Which Squidoo lens is better?

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