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Redington Fly Reels

Updated on September 26, 2011

Delta Series

The Redington Delta Fly Fishing Reel
The Redington Delta Fly Fishing Reel | Source

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For people who are serious about fishing, it is important that they have access to a good fly fishing reel to use in their endeavors. Redington fly reels came to the attention of people in 1992 and since then a lot of people have used their fly reels which have had great quality, at good prices.

Their most impressive features include:

1. Their weight has been reduced to allow better and easier handling

2. The arbor design is big, this is to ensure that one is able to retrieve without much effort and be able to do it fast.

3. They are made from aluminum, which is why they are of such high quality and last for a very long time.

4. The reel foot is also made from aluminum, and it is also anodized. This makes the Redington fly reels suitable for both saltwater as well as freshwater.

These are just some of the features that make these fly reels better quality when compared to the others and the reason why most fisherman are choosing them over others.

Redington fly reels come in different types, namely, Crosswater, Rise,Delta, Surge and Pursuit. Out of all these different fly reels, the fly reel that comes at a price that most people can afford is the Crosswater fly fishing reel.

Though at the bottom in terms of the price, it is by no means a compromise on quality. The Crosswater is good on performance and it has all the elements that a novice is looking for to get into fly fishing and have success as well as fun.

At the top of the Redington fly reel range is the Delta. In the eyes of many, this is the best investment that one could make, for those starting out or for those who have been in the game for a long time and are looking for something that will be able to handle any kind of fish that they could possibly encounter. It is able to handle large fish very well, and can be used for both saltwater or freshwater.

The Rise fly reel is also exemplary of the great features that are guaranteed with Redington fly reels, and it uses a one way clutch system. It comes in 4 models that differ in weight as well as diameter. With this fly reel, you can be confident that it can handle weights of up to 20 pounds.

When it comes to the Drift series, you get to have 3 models to choose from, which differ in both weight and diameter. They too can handle weights of up to 20 pounds and you can choose between titanium or black, which is totally based on your personal preference.

When you are looking to go after the toughest fish, the Redington of choice should be the Surge series, because that is exactly what it is designed for. It comes in 3 models that are different in weight and diameter. They also can hold up to 20 pounds of weight for up to 200 yards.

When it comes to durability, you will want to focus your attention on the Pursuit fly reel. There are only 2 models that you have access to, and one of their features is that it is extremely easy to make spool changes. Also, retrieval is made to be fast and easy, which is great. Also, it can manage 20 pounds of weight up to 175 yards.

Redington fly reels is what you should look at if you are looking for durability, ease of use as well as quality. The features that they offer is the reason why they are among the top fly reels in the market today.

Find more Redington Fly Reels For Sale and more details on the Redington Line of Reels.

The Redington Line-Up

The Redington Pursuit Fly Fishing Reel
The Redington Pursuit Fly Fishing Reel | Source
The Rise Fly Fishing Reel from Redington
The Rise Fly Fishing Reel from Redington | Source
The Redington Crosswater Fly Reel
The Redington Crosswater Fly Reel | Source

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