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Reds Hanging On For Dear Life

Updated on July 20, 2012

Reds Hanging On For Dear Life

by Robb Hoff

July 20,2012

The Reds have the second best record in the National League, but it still seems like game-in and game-out they're hanging on for dear life.

Even when first baseman Joey Votto was in the lineup, it seemed like winning a game was more often than not such a grind that you couldn't really feel too confident about the Reds ability to play from the driver's seat.

Now, they keep scratching out wins and keeping pace atop the N.L. Central, but the anxiety for fans seems greater than ever before.

Homer Bailey has not been a fan favorite until recently.

In fact, he's been an enigma and a great source of frustration for fans.

But once again he turned out the kind of dominant outing that Reds fans were looking forward to seeing on a regular basis when Bailey first cracked the bigs.

Eight innings and just one run with a great big gob of strikeouts against the Milwaukee Brewers: that's what Reds fans want from Bailey.

Whether or not Bailey can continue at the clip he has over his past several starts remains to be seen, but it is Bailey, not Mat Latos, who is looking like the Reds Number 2 in the rotation.

With Bronson Arroyo scheduled to toss his usual whiffle ball session tomorrow night, it was imperative for Bailey to perform well like he did because when things go wrong wrong for Arroyo, they go wrong bad and in a hurry.

Two losses in a row to the Brewers would've resounded like a death knell for the Reds chance to maintain first place heading into August.

After another save by Reds untouchable closer Aroldis Chapman,it now looks like Reds' fans have a chance to hang on and tread water until Votto returns.


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