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Reebok Easytone Trainer Campaign Goes Viral

Updated on March 7, 2012

Moving on

This post follows on from my previous Reebok hub which was written before the TV campaign started. Rather than update that hub with details of how the campaign has developed I thought I would start a new hub. The last one was long ago when legs and bums were not getting worked out nearly as much as they could be - just before the campaign started.

By now everyone who wants a better body has either bought a pair or has added Reebok Easytone toning shoes to their birthday present list. Due to the extraordinary popularity of the media coverage of these shoes and recent endorsement of the brand by model and presenter Kelly Brook, I thought I would give an update on the new Easytone TV adverts. now that the initial shock of their campaign has died down somewhat and more fuel has been added to the viral marketing fire.

With Reebok Easytone Trainers, and the wave of television and viral marketing, Reebok are hoping to recapture their success of the 1980s during the aerobics craze.

However we should not forget that whilst the campaign concentrates on the after effects of toning with Reebok Easyone trainers, there is some science behind the extra burn. The shoes have been designed to help get more out of exercise, and to turn the whole day into a toning session.

Kelly Brook's Easytone workout

Model and presenter Kelly Brook in her Easytones
Model and presenter Kelly Brook in her Easytones

Instability in action

The soles of the Easytone feature Reebok's new innovative instability pods. The pods are located on the heel and the ball of the foot and are filled with air, which shifts under the pressure of walking. This creates small instabilities and a slightly unstable base. The muscles of the leg and bum are required to work for longer to correct the imbalance generated by the pods. Tests have demonstrated that the shoes increase toning and help to stimulate the muscles in the gluteus up to 28% and also muscles in the calves and hamstrings. Tests could unfortunately not be quantified by the FTC, and Reebok can no longer claim you will have a 28% better butt by wearing their shoes.

The Easytone is the only major toning shoe to use this innovative design, and whilst it does not offer the posture enhancing properties of some of the other toning shoes on the market, it is the only brand which is deemed safe for jogging. The problem with rocker soles is that they are only suitable for walking. They are not so suitable for a light gym or aerobics workout. If you want to tone fast and put in the extra effort, then Reebok Easytone trainers are a great partner.

It is advisable however that you get used to the wobble first. The shoes do take a little getting used to, and your body will need a little time to adjust. Make sure that your body is properly conditioned to the extra muscle activity, and you feel comfortable with the way the shoes feel before taking on more vigorous exercise.

The shoes are stylish and offer a level of comfort which even Reebok have not before managed, and offer a seamless interior to prevent any abrasions and they have proved to be a big hit in both the States, and now in the UK following the advertising campaign.

Do Reebok Easytone Trainers Work?

Independent tests have demonstrated the increase in muscle activity that the shoes generate, with the best toning boost provided to the bottom. The shoes offer an increase of 28% more toning to the bum, and 11% to the legs. It stands to reason that with such great benefits to the bum and the legs that Reebok would be keen to show off the effects to everyone. Their adverts therefore concentrate on how you can look, if you buy Reebok Easytone trainers, and do a little bit more exercise.

According to the FTC, Reebok have been unable to substantiate claims that the shoes improve lower body shape and increase muscle activity significantly. As such they have been ordered to pay out $25 million in settlements to early purchasers due to their advertising breach of standards.

According to Reebok's Daniel Sarro "Settling does not mean we agree with the FTC’s allegations; we do not. We have received overwhelmingly enthusiastic feedback from thousands of EasyTone customers, and we remain committed to the further development of our EasyTone line of products"

It now means that any percentages quoted should be taken as a guide that muscle activation is increased in those areas, rather than trying to quantify exactly how much. Just bear in mind that the shoes will work for some and not for others. Many women decide that due to the comfort they are worth a try, and a great deal swear by their Easytones!

Reebok RunTone Exercise

Toning shoes for running and jogging with the Reebok RunTone
Toning shoes for running and jogging with the Reebok RunTone

Not everyone agrees

The Reebok Easytone trainers advertising campaign has been sweeping the world at an extraordinary rate leaving a trail of super toned butts in its wake. If the viewing figures translate into sales, then Reebok will be having a bumper year, and their decision to invest vast sums of money into their advertising campaign will have paid off in dividends. Certainly in the UK prime time prime behind has caught the attention of the UK public.

The adverts have not met with universal acclaim however. Some have taken objection to the flaunting of super toned body parts. Some think that the adverts objectify women, however 50% of the population think the campaign is quite splendid and without fault. 

I think it mentions shoes at some point, but can’t remember

Working out with Reebok Easytones

For those who want to find out a little more about the technology behind the shoes and how they achieve a better body, please visit my blog for more technical details of Reebok Instability pods.

The shoes really do offer great comfort and after a little getting used to they are great trainers for working out. Your body gets and extra boost and you can turn any daily routine into a workout.

To get a body like those in the adverts will need more than a pair of shoes however. The shoes only work to their best as part of a calorie controlled diet, and the more exercise you do, the better your legs and bum will look. They are a great way of getting more value out of exercise and everyday activities and if you are keen to shed a few pounds and step up the exercise they will give you a lot of extra help along the way.

Latest Easytone Styles

Reebok easytone Go Outside from Foot Solutions
Reebok easytone Go Outside from Foot Solutions

Reebok Simplytone

Lovers of the comfort of Reebok Easytones now have a new option to tempt them. Reebok Simplytone shoes offer the same muscle toning benefits with a new pod design replacing the air-filled pods with foam pods.

The design is more robust for a longer lifespan, with a lower profile design and un-popable pods. The shoes are great for a toning workout and for walking to get fit. Whilst Reebok Simplytone shoes will get your butt, calves and hamstrings working harder, the trade off with robustness is slightly less toning than that of Reebok Easytones, but still give a great toning workout whenever you walk.


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      7 years ago

      I am using Reebok Womens EasyTone Shoes it is very comfortable and is latest technology shoe and breath ability are beautifully combined in this athletic inspired EasyTone.


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