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Reggie Jackson and Bob Gibson: Sixty Feet Six Inches

Updated on January 17, 2010
Reggie Jackson
Reggie Jackson
Bob Gibson
Bob Gibson

Gibson and Jackson's Book "Sixty Feet Six Inches"

Bob Gibson, star St. Louis Cardinals pitcher, and Reggie Jackson, star New York Yankee hitter, reveal their pitching and hitting secrets in their new book "Sixty Feet Six Inches." Anyone with more than a passing interest in baseball will find this book by two Hall of Famers worth reading. Unfortunately Jackson only Gibson once the mound, in the 1972 All Star Game, so there isn't much of a record to indicate whether Gibson's inside pitches, occasionally finding it necessary to hit a batter intentionally, or Reggie Jackson's eagle eye and perfect coordination would have prevailed had they played in the same league and faced each other more often.

A couple of reviews of this insider book are linked below.


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    • Ralph Deeds profile imageAUTHOR

      Ralph Deeds 

      10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Very true. I grew up a St. Louis/Stan Musial fan and later became an admirer of Gibson. I'm not as much of a baseball fan as I used to be because there are so many player trades that I have trouble keeping up with whose on my favorite teams. The free agent rule was good for the players but not for the fans, in my opinion.

    • Jack Burton profile image

      Jack Burton 

      10 years ago from The Midwest

      The superlatives have all been used appropriately for Mr. Gibson. Listening to Jack Buck call the games on warm summer nights in the 60s while the crickets and cicada were chirping in the background... how could life had been any better for a Cardinal fan?

      Our retired pastor was the chaplain of the Oakland A's in the 70s during their World Series domination. He told us that Reggie Jackson was the one player who was exactly the same on and off the field, in private and public, and with important people and nobodies. There was not an ounce of hypocrisy in him, which is rare with pro atheletes.

    • spilky profile image


      10 years ago

      Wish we had more like em' today! I will have to check into the book. Thanks Ralph!

    • Ralph Deeds profile imageAUTHOR

      Ralph Deeds 

      10 years ago from Birmingham, Michigan

      Tnx for the comments.

    • JamesBenjaminJrMD profile image


      10 years ago from USA

      Incredible and delightful post. I enjoyed every second of the read. Thanks Mr. Deeds.

    • DCBULL profile image


      10 years ago from Washington DC or

      Always great to people sharing about our nations past time. Thank you for reminding me of this book.

      Arthur L. Ekrem

    • maven101 profile image


      10 years ago from Northern Arizona

      Two great ball players...Gibson, the Intimidator, and Reggie, Mr October...i followed Reggie in the 70's as an Oakland A's fan...when the team broke up over contract negotiations I lost interest in professional baseball...Great title for the book...a lot happens in sixty feet six inches...Thanks for this...Larry


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