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Updated on September 27, 2014

Intense work out

The kind of workout that I'm talking about is not only strenuous on your muscles but also on you cardiovascular system. It's the kind of work out where your lungs are burning, you're dripping sweat like crazy, and you know you are going to wake up the next day with sore muscles. What's the best drink to recovery the fastest. You want to drink a protein drink to help your muscles heal best, but you also want to take a sports drink high in electrolytes in order to replenish the salts and minerals that you lost. Which do you do? Is one more important than the other? If you take both will one inhibit the other?

The benefits of an electrolyte drink

What are the benefits of an electrolyte drink? Re-hydration. Why is this so important? Re-hydration gives you body back the electrolytes and other minerals that it needs. It is also important for muscle health. Well hydrated athletes will experience less muscle cramps and will have better flexibility and endurance. Hydrating after a work out can help keep you from getting as sore and it can help with over flexibility of your muscles. Re-hydrating after a work out is an important step in recovery.

The benefits of a protein drink

What are the benefits of drinking a protein drink after exercise? What does drinking a protein drink after exercise do for? Did you know that your body produces enough protein on its own to not need extra supplements. This is even going for people who workout a lot, so why do we drink protein? Studies have actually shown that drinking protein 30 minutes after an exercise helps with protein synthesis. What is protein synthesis? It's the process in which DNA encodes for the production of amino acids and proteins. This basically means that when you drink protein within 30 minutes of a work out your body will jump start on building the amino acids and proteins to repair your muscles. Basically it helps build more muscle faster.

How do you recover after a workout?

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The need of both

In an intense sport the need to have both of these benefits in a drink is paramount. However, the concern was raised that protein could inhibit the digestion of electrolytes and minerals that an athlete would get from drinking a sports drink or vice versa. The sports drink could inhibit the absorption of protein and it wouldn't have its effect on protein synthesis. An experiment was done to see if any of these concerns were true. In the study applicants were worked out for a period of time until they had lost a certain percentage of body weight. They were then given a carbohydrate drink in 15 minute increments for an hour. After the hour they then gave urine samples for a span of 4 hours. The urine samples were tested to see how much of the drink was digested. The experiment was repeated but this time with a protein sports drink mix.

The Results

The results show no difference between the two. Also they were asked how thirsty they felt and both drink mixes seemed to quench their thirst the same. The end results shows that drinking a protein drink with an electrolyte sports drink won't inhibit your recovery, but will actually help it. The reason is because you will get both the benefits of a sports drink and an electrolyte drink.

The best recovery drink?

If you want the best recovery drink, try throwing in some protein powder to you Gatorade, Powerade, or other sports drink. This combination will not only help you build muscle but will also help you rejuvenate and replace the minerals and electrolytes that you lost in your workout.


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