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Relaxation Techniques to Keep You Focused to Success

Updated on September 27, 2011

Relax to remove your stress

Relax to Succeed

Only a clear state of mind can keep your attention focused and make your attempts succeed. If you are exerted and distracted you cannot do anything. Only a calm state of relaxation can bring you more clarity, support your decision-making, improve your self-care, and provide you greater strength to succeed in your endeavors.

Clearing your mind is essential in creating calm. The chatter of the mind only increases stress and disequilibrium in body, mind, and soul and makes you more exhausted. People dealing with diseases, especially patients and caregivers, negotiate high levels of fear and the unknown anxieties. It caused depression and more exhaustion. You can bring your mind to a calm state by following certain relaxation techniques which can bring support to your body also.

1) Relax your body and mind

First of all, you should believe that you can achieve such a state of calmness and start bringing your body as the center of your focus.

Feel your feet touching the ground, take deep, rhythmic breaths and relax your body completely. There should be no tenseness in any part of the body. Feel as if you are floating, although your feet are touching the ground.

2) Breathing technique

Breathing can help you relax and clear all the mental and physical conflicts you have been having. It can fill you with more oxygen and refresh your energies in body and mind.

Sit up or stand straight with your eyes closed, focusing your attention on your breathing.

Your thoughts may still be wandering and your emotions scattered. Feel the cool air passing through your nostrils. It can transform your stuck mental patterns, release your physical tension, and provide many other benefits.

Breathe in slowly counting one to eight, hold the breath for about eight seconds and then slowly exhale through your mouth. Feel that a good energy is forcing into you through the air and all your exhaustion goes out through the warm air that you exhale. Imagine yourself that all your problems are going out. Repeat this until you feel better.

3) Food is also a relaxation factor

Food plays a vital part in relaxing body and mind. Make sure you eat nutritious food that can boost energy in your body and mind. Choose foods that can keep you healthy. Ayurveda prescribes foods that can calm your body and mind. Unhealthy food choices create havoc in the entire body and cause you more exhausted.

4) Muscle relaxation techniques

Muscle Relaxation techniques are highly recognized in modern days. It can be done anywhere. It helps to relax your tight muscles that have been hurting from lifting heavy things or any other reason.

There are many types of muscle relaxation techniques. You can practice them by doing muscle relaxation techniques combined with other techniques, including deep breathing, visualization, meditation, and yoga. You can also perform rhythmic exercises, such as running, cycling, or mindful walking.

Body postures exert strong influences on your stress and tiredness. Muscle relaxation techniques free you from such exhaustion.

5) Other relaxation techniques

There are many other relaxation techniques such as visualization, meditation, and yoga which can release tension in your body and mind. You can make a study of them and choose whatever suits your body and mind. Doing these techniques for 10 to15 minutes whenever you feel exhausted will give you great relief and fresh energy.


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    • profile image

      Paulose 4 years ago

      Thank you my sister for the comment. I am not active here because of my inability to gain response here at Hub.


    • csmiravite-blogs profile image

      Consolacion Miravite 4 years ago from Philippines

      Hi paulose,

      This is one engaging hub about relaxation techniques. Most writers especially needs to de-stress when deadlines and work becomes unbearable. Nice write-up! I hope to see more of this type of articles from you. :D


    • cowtowngirl77 profile image

      cowtowngirl77 6 years ago

      Thanks, very good ideas.

    • feenix profile image

      feenix 6 years ago

      Hello, paulose,

      Thank you very much for writing and publishing this very useful and informative post.

      Because I consider the information that you imparted to be very valuable, I am bookmarking this article.

    • Gabriel Callum profile image

      Gabriel Callum 6 years ago from Midwest, United States

      You may want to consider breaking up each of your blocks of text into a separate capsule, with the subheading the title. It tends to not only make your hub easier to read, but subheading get picked up much better by the search engines. Great read though.

    • paulose profile image

      paulose 6 years ago from Stow, OH, USA

      Thank you dear friend.

    • itsmonkeyboy profile image

      itsmonkeyboy 6 years ago from London, UK

      Some great tips. I find myself often stressed by work so I'll definitely have to try out some of your techniques.


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