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Relay Olympics

Updated on February 5, 2016

1895 Penn Relays first trophy


The modern summer and winter Olympic Games can be classed as the leading international sport events in the world today. In these Olympics the best athletes from around the world compete against each other. Another popular worldwide sport event is the IAAF World Championship in track and field, which takes place a year before the summer Olympics and a year after the summer Olympics. Rather than having an IAAF World Championship after the summer Olympics, this championship could be replaced with a World Relay Olympics. Thus, there would be the summer Olympics, the world relay Olympics, the winter Olympics and the IAAF world track and field Championships.

World Relay Olympics

Olympic athletes are described as the best of excellence in a particular sport, and that desire for excellence does not stop after the Olympic games. Olympic athletes thrive to remain the best among the best, whether they win a medal or not; and a World Relay Olympics would open up more events, thus giving athletes in the previous Olympic game a greater chance of winning an Olympic medal. The Relay Olympics would also continue the spirit of the Olympic competition on a worldwide basis, and build good teamwork spirit among athletes.

Below, are some suggestions for the World Relay Olympics:

Additional distance events in the relay Olympics not in the traditional Olympics

Below is a video of a men's 200m relay (from the Bahamas relay), not include in the summer Olympics games. The relay Olympics committee could create additional relay distances, thus creating the more opportunity for athletes who competed in the summer Olympics a chance to reach the finals.

mens 200m relay

Medley Events

Medley races are another way of creating additional events at the Relay Olympics. in medley relays each member of four member relay team may not or may do the same distance or event.

Other countries get a chance to win medals

Thus, despite the favorites from the most successful countries have the greatest chance of winning, athletes from other countries will having a greater probability of getting a silver or bronze medal.

Old-timers race

One highlight could be the Old-timers race. It would be interesting to see former athletes compete in a Relay Olympics events, maybe 8 or 12 years after retiring from a particular sport. Thus another highlight could be a week of old-timers events.


To prevent the problem of overcrowding, the events could be held in different cities in the same country.

World Relay Olympics

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