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The 2014 World figure skating scores: Rescoring 1

Updated on September 11, 2014

Mao Asada in 2014


A few features in the current ISU trend

As you may know, I've never put forward my own scores in the past.

You saw me defending or giving explanations for the judges' protocols all the time, but as you know and I know and everybody knows, the ISU's judges today are not judges at all.

So it is inevitable that I should present correct protocols for everybody to see so that people may learn how to appreciate firgure skating better.

As I said, the relatively correct judging ended at the 2013 Worlds. Since the ISU have kept producing garbage after garbage mocking the world.

Their notable features since were bogus GOE for Russians skaters, unreasonably high scores for Kostner, that is, the European hegemony those judges share, and some respect for Asada at least, only because they think it would help make their act look more legitimate.

The rightful winner and the runner-up in the 2014 Worlds are hereby declared Mao Asada and Carolina Kostner.

How would you score Asada's short program?

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The winner of 2014 Worlds: Mao Asada

Asada was the undisputed winner of the 2014 Worlds with over 78.

Asada's 2014 worlds short program was the best ever I have seen in her performances. But the score is exaggerated; 70s or more for short program needs to be immaculate to be valid.

Asada's first triple axel is a good one; I do not hesitate to award her with +2. That may have to do with a bit of my bias, but her being the only one who does triple axel, I think my pampering her can be forgiven.

Asada's moves are undoubtedly the best among the lot and satisfactory in this finely-controlled program, but as a world top skater, Asada still comes short in a few aspects such as speed, connection, and flow.

The spins are not good enough, not in technical but aesthetic point, to secure +GOE. Her habitual free leg is always a big flaw. Her general moves and executions are still desired, and need to be polished.

However my verdict is just about 70.

Mao Asada in 2014

A nice start with triple axel. Asasa was spirited and vibrant. Asada in this program managed well from one point to another, but as you might notice that there in't a moment that she seems in a total control.

Compared to other skaters, Asada appears most proficient, yet her moves are a series of her management of linking together. Of course nothing wrong with making it plausible. Only excellent skaters can manage that.

The step-out is -3.

The final step sequences are what I like the most. I am pleased to see her coming alive.

Her free total will be 130.

How do you score Asada's free?

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Carolina Kostner in 2014


Kostner's Ave Maria

I think this is also one of Kostner's best.

You can see she was intensely focused and inspired. Accurately speaking, this short program is better than Asada's in terms of execution and PCS points.

Actually I like Kostner's attitude in this program. Kostner, though a top skater rightfully, is not as good as Asada in jump controlling and its quality in general, especially in her upper body movement.

The kind of line she evokes feels typically blunt and less definitive.

But I am tempted to award her +2 to her two jumps at least, if not all. Her spins are not good, but acceptable. Her body controlling is still a long way to go, but in this particular program, her program execution seems well done.

Rather than playing it safe, she can be more aggressive like this one. Her approaching speed to the first jump is impressive. I am not sure if I should award her landing and flow with +2 GOE.

For the last jump, though I can't see air position and trajectory, the flow seems satisfactory, thus I will award it with +2.

My verdict is 70.

How would you score Kostner's short program?

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Carolina Kostner in 2014

Kostner's free

Kostner's advantage is her experience and know-how as demonstrated in the short program.

Though I give her a big hand for her gut to go aggressive, Kostner betrays the lack of body control that causes much labor, aggravated by her height. Kostner is not particularly flexible either, which might otherwise help alleviate the burden.

To the contrary of her short program, Kostner in free just chickens out. I don't blame her. She knows she can't hold up for a long 4 minute. Kostner tries to compensate that with her artificial PCS boosting tactics, but it backfires; she lost focus.

Kostner is inherently not capable of exuding a natural flow from her moves or generating any aesthetic evocation without working at it. Simply she is not a skater of that caliber.

There is often a chasm between her body language and her expression and intention. However subtle it may, that's a big hurdle to be considered for 8.5s in PCS, especially in this long program.

Kostner's performace in free is rescued by her long experience. My verdict is 118 with my goodwill.

How do you score Kostner's free?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      2014 world women single podium skater didn`t deserved to earn that fucking scores. Mao broke world record? This is really because When she ruin her programs in OLYMPIC and other competition But her PCS scores are going higher and higher.She can`t never earn that GOE and PCS. And Carolina was just.. i can`t say anyword without she was WORST. Worst program EVER and Her Scores are all Bullshit. Sochi olympic ,2014 worldchampion was WORST figureskating competition i ever saw. Fucking bilnd judges and Country that who controll ISU with dirty power. You guys are ruining fiugureskaitng because of your dirty selfishness.

    • profile image


      3 years ago

      "the *relatively* correct judging ended at the 2013 World.."

      and the key word is "relatively," since the SP score for Yuna was a total joke.

      And, as a world top skater, Asada not only comes short in a few aspects such as speed, connection, and flow, but also the overall jump mechanism. When the jump technique is not correctly learned from young, it's pretty hard to undone and correctly execute them. Secured foundation of jump technique from young is so important.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Mao must had over 140 as Kim yuna, I feel upset:(

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Mao Asada .Kostner's. home cooking entirely concur with your views

    • profile image

      4 years ago

      Asada's edge is not clear . So only mimic someone creative, this behavior is not. I cann' t alway understand her high score.


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