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Rescoring Nebelhorn

Updated on December 10, 2014

You are the winner, Gracie.

Her first jump may be downgraded.

With her PCS 28 and TES 30, my verdict is 58.

By the way Gracie Gold is the winner in fact though her skating was bad. Her competitors are not her match unless the ISU fraudsters pre-fixed scores as we all know it.

But who cares the ISU event anyway? The trophy of lie and fake!

My belated congratulation to Gold. But you didn't win by your merits, as you may already know.

Gracie Gold in 2014

Learn the skating first!

Leonova is a skater who reminds me of every bit of Sotnikova. That may be compliment, or may not be.

First, she is a better skater than Lipnitskaia, and that's good enough to like her - it's hard not to be a better skater than Lipnitskaia, however.

But not that far, though. Well if I have to be more illustrative on the point, she stands in between Liptniskaia and Sotnikova. Yeah, far closer to Sotnikova than Lipnitskaia.

Her physiological balance is nowhere to be seen but technically quite proficient in some degree enough to land jumps, of course compared to her compatriots.

Despite her terrible edge and instability that you can feel to your bone while watching her Chaplin stunt through the program, she somehow tries to imitate correct jump technique.

I like her for at least she didn't wear traditional outfit, or that could have been a real skating comedy.

What a drama she is trying to pull off! The kind of casing with salted honey. Figure skating is not a mime comedy or clown show.

Is she a human who is trying to demonstrate to the clone armies what the robotic means? Or a robot in a flexibility presentation.

The fun part is that's beauty of curve and line in Russian version.

But please, don't pull another Sotnikova here. We had enough of that. And no one was impressed except ISU the Russian institution.

All her jumps are from -3 to -1 with the average 6.0 PCS, which gives 24 PCS. I will give her 30 TES. My verdict is 54.

Alena LEONOVA in 2014

How do you grade Leonova's short?

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Elizaveta TUKTAMYSHEVA in 2014

Again learn the skating!

If you call that skating, shame on you!

Liza, you are asked to skate there, not throwing arms and legs prodding around.

Bolero! Right, that only suits for junior level and Liza is in fact not far from it. So be it. I won't fault her for that.

I am so disappointed in this. Granted that I'd never had a hope in her skating, but this is too much. Initially I hoped to give her +1 for first jump of the combination despite lack of speed and all those nonsenses before the takeoff, but the second jump ruined it all to -2.

The rest, both jumps and all elements, are just junks.

I don't normally feel criticizing skaters of her level, but those skaters with 6.0 PCS average need to show some athletic sincerity at least to earn attitude points, if not by their performance merit.

The saddest part is Liza can't skate.

Those mad Russian coaches teach skaters to jump before learning how to skate. Those shameless rock-headed.

I almost gave up to score for this short. Well, if I have to, she will have my charity score 24 for PCS, based on 6.0 and 26 for TES.

My verdict is 50.

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Alena LEONOVA in 2014

Scandalous deficiency in Russian skating

I like her much better here. But is her fantasy to break mirror or something?

Though faulty, she skates. You can tell the difference from Liza's skating, especially in short. Liza, as a skater, is done, to my eyes.

It's like you see a full grown tree with its empty trunk. That's exactly what those Russian skaters are. You can't fill the void now because you have been eating up in your growth; it can't be helped by plastering with stuffing.

That's why it is critical to have proper trainings from youth.

By the way, kudos for Leonova. But I hope she leaves those clown behind and drama behind.

All her jumps ranges from -3 to -1; perhaps I may allocate a couple of 0s for the sake of cheer, but she needs to do reality check: her skating is too basic to imitate any fancy stuffs.

Simply she can't afford to do that. She needs to approach skating more seriously.

I can't blame her. With ISU that gives them thumbs-up +2 +3, how could they not be deluded, surrounded mad Chauvinists?

But in the end what's left is disgrace and mockery.

My verdict is she will receive 50 TES and 50 PCS, which makes her 100 in total.

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