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Rescoring Japan Open

Updated on March 11, 2015

A new skating league needs

I'm more convinced.

The sport needs a new league in which we can restore the rules and enforce them correctly so that we can preserve the sport as it ought to be.

We need non-ISU leagues, because skaters need to compete without the ISU bullshit.

I knew they would bullshit Wagner. Those bastards.

I don't defend any technical deficiency Wagner has, but there is no denying that her deficient skating looks better than those Russian skaters' barreling the ISU promotes.

If she shapes up, maybe

To watch Elena's program, click here.

As you may remember I scolded Liza's attitudinal void in her skating. That is, she doesn't skate. That she can't skate is one thing, but that she wouldn't skate is another

You can appreciate how Radionova is different from Liza.

Yes, she has serious problems like Lipnitskaia. You can tell it by her body. But as you notice, she skates, and tries to overcome her physiological handicap through well directed strategy and intent.

Of course, in this regard, Lipnitskaia is also a skater of attitudinal sincerity. I always appreciate that. But Radionova is a lot less shaky in balance and better jump technique, compared to Lipnitskaia.

Yes, she has an ugly habit in the air, but she shows good takeoffs and correct airposition in the air at least in a few jumps.

In this program, she skates better than Pogoriliaya, but her body moves, especially while executing other elements than jumps, are still subject to junior level in some aspects.

That has more to do with her body. So like Lipnitskaia, she has a mission to grow fit to the skating. As of now, her body cannot absorb the landing impacts and all her moves are laboriously patched up. I'd say she is a skater in a transitional stage from junior to senior.

Her PCS shall not go over the average 6.5. I'm almost tempted to reward her +1 for her first few jumps, but all her jumps are subject to -2 to -1.

But I like Radionova's skating here. Yes, there are many things critically lack in her skating, but first of all, I want to point at her sincerity at least. Her edge is not so bad, and her jumps early in the program show adequate speed.

How do you grade Radionova's free?

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But bullshit is still bullshit

Although I found her skating a lot less painful than Lipnitskaia's, my anticipation met its wall, hard and impeterable reality. You can't hide deficiency, because your body is telling.

As she enters the later part, her skating begins to expose its bare bottom.

Her ambitious skating ran out of fuel early and it feels almost woman's labor. Her underdeveloped body labored too much to bear fruits, especially in competition.

GOE on her jumps and other elements are ridiculous. Again, we are not holding a kindergarten event. I may, for the sake of cheer, give her +1 on a couple of jumps despite flaws, especially on her lutz. The judges' scores on Radionova are as bogus as on Lipnitskaia's.

She will have 109 in total with the average 52 in PCS.

A long way for Anna

To watch Anna's program, click here

So you already know I picked Anna for my favorite Russian skater, and I am still hopeful for her, but this is a great letdown.

If Anna previously drew out the best of her assets, this time, she just messes around.

Simply, it looks like she or her coach has little idea about what to do with her arms and legs with music. She reminds me of Kanako, talented but never blossom.

In this performance, compared to Radionova's, Pogorilaya seems lost in her bustling and hustling. Chaotic and undirected. Everything is too rough and she shows nothing you can appreciate.

Radionova shows she can skate and she can manage jumps in some degree, but Anna shows nothing sellable. All junks. And both skatings produce incredible cacophony, nevertheless: Radionova creates less.

My verdict is 100 in total with the average 6.25 PCS.

How do you grade Pogorilaya?

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Ashley, be aggressive

To watch Ashley's program, click here

Poor Wagner. That's why I said don't bother ISU events. Well, that's very unfair to say. Skaters need to compete and make some cash if they can. But with those ISU judges?

I know Wager didn't do well here, but even if she did correctly would she be able to get points she deserved? I think not.

In fact I want to denounce the ISU judges, by saying that they see dust in Wagner's skating while blind to the beam in Radionova's skating. In fact I do on one hand. No doubt they are hypocrites!

But on the other, it ain't no dust, nevertheless.

You may learn how to skate through Wagner. How to shift your center of weight on ice and how to connect you moves and how to use your edge are all there with her, except jumps.

Here comes what's more deficient? Jump deficiency or skating deficiency?

My verdict is 105 with her 64 in PCS.

How do you grade Wagner's free?

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