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Rescoring the 2011 Worlds: 3

Updated on October 23, 2014

Kostner, dreaming the legend

This is a legendary program originally done by Janet Lynn.

I can't say Lynn was the first one to skate to this music, but it's fair to say that this program permanently bears Lynn's seal.

I commend Kostner for her take on this. I particularly like Kostner's courage to challenge the legend. I wonder if Yuna Kim has ever thought about skating to this.

Yeah, I have a few wish lists to which I'd like Kim to skate. I don't know what level of skating Kim will maintain during her retirement but it will be a great treat for the world if she can convert a few legendary programs into Kim's version.

Amazing Grace too will be one of them. When anybody skates to Amazing Grace, I am always reminded of Yuna Kim; I guess it's because it's stylistically close to Kim's Meditation.

Actually I wish Kim make a compilation of all classics. Hopefully Kim tries as many as she can muster in the future. Simply too valuable an asset she has to waste!

I'm again sidetracking. Okay, back to Kostner. In this program, Kostner at least receives my nod at her attitudinal focus. By the way I can't find Kostner's short program. So her free is all that can be done for Kostner.

Carolina Kostner in 2011

How do you grade Kostner's free?

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It's a decent program. Good job, Kostner!

My verdict is 55 for TES 65 for PCS, which makes 120 in total.

If the game is set between Kostner and Ando, I may need to take another look. It's very difficult to tell. As far as free program is concerned, the two compete neck to neck.

I know I first put Kostner ahead of Ando in PCS by 1 point, but I am not sure if that's correct.

Anyway, it's too close to call. The fate will fall into the hands of math.

Ando may be more definitive in this competition in line expression and program direction and interpretation while Kostner shows a bit more stable and polished skating than Ando, yet a bit more blunt than Ando in presentation in a way. Ando seems more agile but less polished, unable to overcome her physiological disadvantage.

Suffice is it to say either can beat the other.

Yes, it's another balancing game if the game is set between them. Of course, we are talking about free program.

So it's very interesting between the two; of course in official results Ando won over both Kim and Kostner.

But the truth, as I already showed, Ando cannot beat Kim in this competition, and it is very close between Ando and Kostner in free program. I recommend you to compare the two free programs.

Miki Ando in 2011

Compare Ando and Kostner in free program. Whose free program is better?

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Kostner vs. Wagner

Now if you compare Kostner to Wagner - some of you may get annoyed at my Wagner reference, but Wagner makes her skating stand out in terms of edge and body control among today's skaters - Kostner is superior to Wagner in jumping ability, yet not necessarily better than Wagner in body control.

Perhaps Kostner's inherent physiological handicap, aggravated by her height seems to have hampered development in that particular area. At times, you may wonder all she can do with her arms is making windmills.

I cheer for Kostner. But all those jumps she managed to land and all those extensions and arms moves she makes look poorly patched-up. At one point, I pity Kostner as she throws her arms for something she is unable to bring about. It looks almost silent shouting.

Almost muted frustration in arms and legs. Her body seems longing for freedom that never comes to her rescue. As her stamina runs low, Kostner notably slows down. Basically, the only merit I can think of from Kostner's program is her landing triple jumps, even not so in a perfect syn.

But I am far from being critical here. Of course that's not entirely Kostner's fault. After all she is performing required elements. Kostner's primary aim here is to collect points, and she fights well, intensely focused.

Janet Lynn in 1970

Skating lesson: this is how you move on ice

What Kostner really wanted to be is in the clip above.

Look at Lynn's body move and how she controls!

Each stroke creates a perfect sync with notes and each arc visualizes their octave. Like water flow, Lynn's moves are seamless and her upper body shows little tension as she makes turns without compromising skating momentum.

As you see, to Lynn, jumps are just connectors in between her moves. In her time, figure skating wasn't what we know today, but you can see why Lynn's skating became the model of modern figure skating.

Simply Lynn's skating level is unreachable, even to this day.


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