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Rescoring the 2011 Worlds: 4

Updated on October 25, 2014

Mao Asada, the defending champion

Here Asada reminds me of Ando in 2007.

Of course, Asada couldn't have been that bad, but still considering what she is capable of, Asada's skating is simply breaking apart.

In this particular skating, Asada's average PCS will be about sub 7.0s, which is far lower than her normal PCS.

Her overall execution does not justify her normal PCS.

Mai Asada in 2011

Mao Asada, not ready for competition

Silly Lipinski!

I understand Lipinski meant well, but just leave that poor girl well alone. How silly to speak about quality of Asada's skating while Asada was unable to make skating moves.

In this program, Asada's main problem is not jump. You can fall one or two in a program. Even Yuna Kim screw big sometimes.

Here, again, top skater can't deliver her due skating. Asada should have taken a rest awhile until she would be ready for competition.

I give her first jump -3 with downgrade, and 0 for the second and -2 for the third.

My verdict is 25 for TES and 28 for PCS, which is generously offered for the defending champion. Asada will have 53 in total.

How do you grade Asada's short?

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Mao Asada in 2011

If I compare Asada here in 2011 Worlds and now in 2014, her quest to readjust her skating wasn't a failure at all.

I think Asada has improved much, mature, controlled and better in almost all elements.

As commentators mentioned in short program, this is just sub-Asada. The skating level falls to sub 7.0s or even lower.

I almost lost appetite in grading her skating. If I have to, yeah, she will have 55 in PCS and 50 in TES, which makes 105 in total.

Alissa Czisny in 2011

Aside from Alissa's poor jump consistency and accuracy, Alissa is one of the most desirable skaters. And a great master of Biellmann spin.

What makes a Billemann spin outstanding is again its aesthetic desirability.

Balance, speed, symmetry, and flexibility all ought to come together, and above all you need a creative and desirable intro to Biellemann spin.

Bielleman spin is hard to earn +GOE. At the same time, you won't have much trouble to get ratified as long as you are able to pull it off.

It requires extreme flexibility. So the younger skaters tend to have advantage in executing Biellmann spin. I think those skaters who can do Biellmann spin deserve more points than those who can't or opt it out.

Mirai Nagasu's Biellmann spin used to earn +3 from the judges if my memory is correct, but I prefer Alissa's because of aesthetic quality. I concur that Nagasu's Biellmann is strong and technically superior to others, but I never find it much desirable.

Alissa will have 54 for TES and 55 for PCS, which makes 109 in total.

How do you grade Czisny's free?

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Alissa Czisny in 2011

Her first jump is subject to -1, while her second jump, -3, and last jump, -1 or maybe 0.

Her speed is acceptable and the program is directed.

You can tell Alissa is by default at least 1.0 to 1.5 PCS average behind Asada in normal condition. But in this competition, that basic PCS advantage that Asada has quickly disappears.

Asada definitely shows more proficiency in her moves than Czisny, but the due quality is not present.

On the other hand, Czisny is more defined in her moves but her body needs more polishing and better control.

My verdict is 29 for TES and 29 for PCS. Alissa will have 58 in total.

How do you grade Czisny's short?

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    • Ann1Az2 profile image


      4 years ago from Orange, Texas

      Both of these girls are good, but Alissa has a little more maturity in on the artistic side. I watched the 2014 Hilton championships yesterday and there is a little 15 year old Japanese girl that won 1st. She is awesome. As she matures and develops a more artistic value to here skating, I'm sure she will be a huge contender in the 2016 Olympics. She already has the jumps down.


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