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Rescoring the 2014 GPF 2

Updated on March 11, 2015

Julia Lipnitskaia: I'm not done yet!

Julia! Julia! Wow!

In this Grand Prix Final, which I dubbed as Grand Pre-fixed Fraud, I had no anticipation except the ISU's ongoing bullshit. But to my surprise, there was one skater who surprised me a great deal.

Yes, it's Julia Lipnitskaia.

If you ever read my articles, you will know my assessment on her. I already laid a verdict on her of death sentence as a skater.

In this competition, Julia decries me in free skating: I am not done yet!

I will keep an eye on her. If julia never skated all her life, she in this GPF seems to have done it in free skating. Her jumps were blown up to the air, but I don't care. Julia began skating. That's what matters.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva in 2014

Liza did some work; she didn't fall.

Push, hop, and stop; push, hop and stop; throw arms and throw arms; push, hop and stop.

That's Liza's skating. Several sequences in a row, unconnected.

If asked, which flaw, either Liza's or Julia's, do I prefer if I have to, I go for Julia. Inborn defect isn't something you can easily overcome even if you try hard. But it is your duty to strive to overcome.

Liza's skating is like saying I am afraid to fall so I give up the momentum.

Figure skating is not about landing static jump, making a few gestures, and spins. Moves without momentum and without contextual flow and connection are dead in figure skating. Incorporation and wholeness are what makes figure skating "figure skating".

If you think that you will do okay if you can manage to land static jumps and fake out the rest, you are greatly mistaken.

Liza's skating is devoid of momentum. That's why her jump, though admirable by not falling, look so still born. Liza speeds up to secure height, but stops dead on landing. That's aggravated by her poor edge handling.

Remember, without momentum in figure skating your moves are not substantiated or merited to quality.

Nevertheless, I've decided to ratify a few of Liza's jumps here to adjust Elena's GOE.

Liza's jumps are 0, 0, -1, 0, -1,-1 and 0. Her TES will be 59 while her PCS 50, which gives her 109 in total.

How do you grade Liza's free?

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Elena RADIONOVA in 2014

Elena's jump quality as well as general skating quality are superior to Liza's while Elena's jumps are inherently with -2 defect even at her best.

So in this case, I've decided to alleviate penalty for Elena's jumps in order to establish comparative fairness with Liza whose jumps are lacking of contextual flow and connection.

In other words, Elena's automatic -2 penalty on jumps adjusts to -1 to reflect her comparative merit to Liza's while ratifying Liza's jumps but her PCS ought to remain in her level, 6.0 in average.

It is reasonable to position Elena at least 0.5 in PCS ahead of Liza.

Elena's jumps are here -1,0,-2,-1, -2, -1, -2. Her TES will be 56 and her PCS 54, which gives her 110 in total.

How do you grade Elena's free?

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Rika Hongo in 2014

Rika is the most promising skater among the lot, but technically needs more practice to boost accuracy.

Especially under the current Russian favored circumstances, downgrade or edge call will be frequently used to check non-Russian skaters.

Of course there is nothing to stop them if they mean business; they could bullshit even Yuna Kim. What more could I say?

I assess that 6.5 is proper for her average PCS but in this competition, she deserves more than that, especially compared to Russians.

Her jumps are -2,-3, 0,0, -1,0 and -1. Her TES will be 51 and her PCS 56, which gives her 107 in total.

How do you grade Rika's free?

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Ashley Wagner in 2014

Refreshingly good.

Her jumps are 0, +1, 0, -3, +1, 0, and 0. Her TES will be 57 and her PCS 60 , which gives her 117 in total.

How do you grade's Ashley's free?

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Anna Pogorilaya in 2014

Okay , now Anna looks less messy.

Her jumps are 0, -3,-2,-1, 0,-2 and -1. Her TES will be 54 while her PCS 54, which gives her 108 in total.

How do you grade Anna's free?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Julia wants to skate!

Yes, my scoring sheet says all -GOE, but this program moved me. I saw her yearning for skating. It's touching and heartbreaking. I had never felt so attached to her skating as in 2014 GPF free skating.

It was the best program I've ever seen in her performances so far.

Of course, it is not clear yet if Julia really can soar up breaking the shell of her juniorism and all fractured moves in the end. But I am happy that she seems to grasp figure skating and its essence, or so I hope for her.

Except her jumps and physiological handicaps, her performance was the most impressive one.

However, in PCS wise, I am not sure if that qualifies her for 7.0. Physiological imbalance is not easy to fix, but I am more than willing to award her with 7.0 PCS this time.

Unfortunately her TES will be low. Her jumps are -2,-3,-3,-3,-3-3, and 0. Her TES will be 42 while her PCS 56, which gives her 98.

It may indicate how difficult it is to connect and incorporate jumps into skating, but I think Julia wants to skate, and I give her my big hand.

How do you grade Julia's free?

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