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Rescoring the 2014 Grand Prix Final

Updated on December 12, 2014

Grand Pre-fixed Fraud!

Okay, the 2014 Grand Prix Final kicks off without Gracie Gold who withdrew shortly after she had made herself qualified.

I have a suggestion for a new name for Grand Prix Final.

How about "Grand Pre-fixed Fraud"?

One good thing about this Grand Prix Final is that you will have a chance to evaluate the Russian skaters the ISU is promoting today in one pool and compare them one another so that you can see the depth of ongoing fraud by the ISU.

But you already know how this game will conclude. No matter how Ashley Wagner or the Japanese contender puts out, they won't have a chance in this pre-set judging.

Let's take a look at them one by one, shall we?


What can I say about Liza? I already said enough. What is really tragic about Liza, and even Julia for that matter, they both learned jumping while neglecting skating.

In order to compensate it, Julia tries to manually pull off skating momentum, which makes her skating tumbling, and Liza tries to get around by hunching herself.

Both have gotten away so far with the help of judges. But they won't be able to get over the inborn defect. Simply can't work that way.

Liza's arms' position throughout the program, especially before jump, is a pre-setting act.

All skaters have their own habits that impede skating quality one way or another. However, in Liza's case, it shadows the entire executions and moves. Liza should remember this is not a practice session.

What is more obvious as she skates, if you can call it "skate", there isn't a momentum continuity in her skating. Except she speeds up for takeoff, there isn't momentum going on like other skaters such as Elena or Anna.

Liza jumps and stops, jumps and stops, and she trots throwing arms. You may wonder why Liza can't do that as others do. As I said before, and will say it again, those who never learned how to skate can't control. They can't control momentum; they can't control edge; they can't control balance.

Liza simply can't do it.

Of course that's what forces Liza to form a weird posture in order to compensate lack of her balance. Skaters can use their arms for balance but not the way as Liza does. Remember skating is language.

Through her arms Liza sends out a junior cacophony. That's not a minor flaw; it is linguistic swearing in the middle of symphony, and judges should issue a red tag on it.

In her so called skating, there isn't any moment of skating, but busy arms.

Skating is a series of momentum-fueled moves.

Her jumps are -1, -3, and -1. Her TES will be 28 while her PCS 24, which gives her 52 in total.

How do you grade Liza's short?

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Julia Lipnitskaia in 2014

Julia' skating has also passed the point of no return.

Simply impossible to fix that mess. Julia is a prominent example of building up upon the wrong foundation. It's like you build up a house upon sinking sand.

She lands on jump, but all her moves are disconnected and a series of push and pull. And constant snapping to re-adjust her shifting center of weight.

In other words, all her skating moves appear sacrificed to make those coarse, unripe, misaligned, and choppy execution in jump. And I wonder, for what?

For those judges who are willing to give her +2 - +3 however she dishes out?

Oh dear Julia! I don't blame you; that's not your fault, after all.

But if you grow up,learn figure skating better and understand the language of figure skating, then you will know how those judging bastards used you to promote their lie.

Her jumps are categorically -2 to -3, but this time, I will be lenient; Julia worked so hard.

I have decided to scrap whatever reasons to boost her scores. After all my job is to encourage skaters not discourage them.

Her jumps are -2, -2, and -1. I will give her +1 for standing spin. Her TES will be 28 while her PCS 24, which gives her 52 in total.

How do you grade Julia's short?

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Elena Radionova in 2014

Unlike Liza and Julia, Anna and Elena are actually skating in some degree.

But for Elena, to have a healthy body will be the first mission. That's her priority. If she fails to do that, she will end up like Julia.

Her jumps are -2,-3, and -2. Her TES will be 27 with 26 in PCS, which gives her 53 in total.

How do you grade Elena's short?

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Anna Pogorilaya in 2014

Anna is the leading skater in Russia, but she has too many junks in her moves. It's like a honeymoon sedan dragging cans and dolls attached on the trunk all over the town.

Her coach is either an idiot or a con-artist who pretends to be a figure skating coach.

Russia is hopeless. I think or even hope Anna and Elena be sent to U.S. to take some training here. I am sure that helps them better.

Anna simply looks unable to draw out what she is able to do. It's so sad to see such a waste.

Her jumps are -3,-3, and -2. Her TES will be 26 while her PCS 26, which gives her 52 in total.

How do you grade Anna's short?

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Rika Hongo in 2014

Let's hope for Hongo's progress

I am pleasantly surprised at her skating.

She is the only skater, of course with Wagner, who looks normal. Her moves are premature but among the contenders she is the best, and her technique appears healthy.

It's too bad that she isn't a Russian; then she could have been hailed. I think Hongo has a serious chance to succeed Yuan Kim or Mao Asada, if trained right.

Of course those the ISU bastards will ignore her, but it's a great thing to have her around in this dark age.

I can't be sure if her skating can be qualified for 7.0 PCS per se, but in comparison with Russian contenders, she definitely deserves 7.0 PCS.

Her jumps are not quite satisfactory but they are refreshingly normal and healthy. It's like an oasis in the middle of Russian deformity!

My compliment for her first jump, and as opposed to her Russian contenders, she definitely deserves ratification for her jumps.

My verdict is 0, 0, and 0.

Her TES will be 30 while her PCS 27, which gives her 57.

She needs to develop spins more and complete her moves: her moves are open-ended, a typical sign by skaters whose body control isn't yet sufficiently in place.

But Hongo is the best hope for Japan and for us all. Good job!

How do you grade Rika's short?

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Wagner's strategic problem is low basic scores. What gets under Wagner's skin is even if she adds triple-triple, the judges do everything in their power to discredit her.

Wagner's jumping technique has been flawed but compared to the Russians' her flaw is of far lessor evil.

Currently the ISU uses three tools for checking anyone who threatens Russians: bogus GOE for Russians, PCS manipulation and jump downgrade.

Wagner's jumps are -3,0 and -2. Her TES will be 25 with 30 in PCS, which gives her 55 in total.

My conclusion for the short in the 2014 GPF is that Hongo is the winner, followed by Wagner.

How do you grade Ashley's short?

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