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Rescoring the 2014 Skate America

Updated on October 30, 2014

In a recent interview, Gracie said she doesn't worry about Russian competitors.

That's right, Gracie. You don't have to worry about Russians. Doesn't matter who you will compete with.

Because you won't have a chance as long as the ISU judges run their own rule book in which the ideal of figure skating has been butchered.

All that matters is your ability to land jumps at all costs and your Russian heritage.

That's Putinic democracy in place of figure skating.

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva in 2014

Liza is Liza, says I. Shall I hope for the better?

Here, I think Liza did some work.

Her first jumps by themselves here are not too bad, but they lack of speed and her posture in approach remain problematic. But I won't penalize her. Since landing is a rarity, I should appreciate her better, ain't I? After all, her jumps look decent by the virtue of landing.

Considering her competitors, I'd say, she meets the minimum for ratification. But Liza still doesn't skate.

Her moves on ice are all subject to -GOE on technical side. Liza doesn't skate. I said it before and I will say it again here. Her overall PCS falls in between 6.0s to 6.5 in average with my good will. Her spins and other elements are -GOE.

Her short program is 56 in total (30 for TES, 26 for PCS).

How do you grade Tuktamysheva's short?

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Elizaveta Tuktamysheva in 2014

Hunchback Skating

Every time Liza manages to land her jumps, I am torn, tormented thinking whether I should ratify without penalizing her; I can't see any progress in her skating, especially in fixing her hunchback like posture.

So I decided not to penalize hoping that she improve. My verdict is 105(55 for TES 50 for PCS).

But as long as the ISU is concerned, Liza delivered all right; she made all the landings after all. That's all that matters to the ISU.

As the judges promote deformity, skaters find their ways to get around jump consistency, selling off skating principle.

Liza's skating looks now permanently hunched; Lipntiskaia dwarfed, Radionova chopstick, and what not. Can't wait to see the whole variety of new Russian skating.

How do you grade Tuktamysheva's free?

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Elena Radionove in 2014

Skeleton Skating

Elena is lovely girl. I like her spirit while skating.

But her skating makes me recoil. This is a typical junior skating. All her jumps are categorically -3 regardless landing. Let us say I won't penalize her more than necessary, because I like her.

As a skater, Elena needs to grow fit first.

With her talent, I think she can grow to be a better and fitter skater. Well, honestly I am more skeptical than hopeful, but she has a better future than Liza at least.

Despite her handicap, she tries to skate. She exerts efforts in her skating. Though raw and rough, there are honest sweat and strife in it unlike Liza's skating.

So we will have to see how she grows.

No matter how lovely Elena may be, as a little thing that skates to her best, her skating is disqualified for senior level. I can't lie.

The saddest thing is that through those scores the ISU is bullshitting the whole world.

I can't stand it. I am trying not to overly criticize commentators; that's their job to make the institution look good. They are not there to hammer down the ISU.

But ain't it stupid to say that's controlled edge, astounding or etc.?

Silly men!

In figure skating you will see, rather than the sport, the nudity of the world you are living in. Art of make-believe. Don't get too frustrated. That's how politics works.

My verdict is 100(55 for TES, 45 for PCS).

How do you grade Radionova's short?

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Elena Radionova in 2014

For her, scoring doesn't mean anything. I may give her 50 to 52. I cheer for her, especially about her attitude in skating. Let us hope for her growth and development.

How do you grade Radionova's short?

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