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Rescoring the 2014 Skate Canada

Updated on November 24, 2014

Ashley Wagner: The eyes of tiger?

I knew it before watching the game. Anna couldn't win unless Ashley really screwed up here.

And in fact Ashley is a skater more vulnerable to losing points due to her unstable jump techinique.

But at the same time, the ISU judges hate Ashley. You don't have to guess why.

Ashley, being fiery in temper, openly showed contempt to those judges. No matter how bad you may be and deserve derision, you would hate if someone embarasses you in public.

Go Ashley!

I cheer for her; someday she may tell the judges "Fuck off!" sitting in the kiss and cry. That will be hilarious.

Katy Perry, Roar: It's silly, I know, but Ashley always reminds me of this song

Anna Pogorilaya in 2014

Did Anna actually beat Ashley?

Anna is a skater with a great potential, but I am a bit unsure about her progress.

Well it's too early to say anything about Anna's future, but I hope she won't grow to be another Kanako Murakami.

Murakami once was a very promising skater, and still a good one amidst all Russian bullshit that pollutes the arena. But Kanako remains undeveloped, which is sad. And sadder is it to see her penalized for her unpolished skating and jumps while other Russians get away with a load of shits.

Anna looks enthusiastic but too rough in every turn. It seems her youthfulness that inevitably runs away leaving her members behind. A second thought, I think that's quite natural. She needs to more focus to make moves complete before trying to go over to the next.

Nevertheless, Anna is the best Russian skater today, though she is still sitting on 6.5 in average PCS.

A good thing about Anna is that she hasn't been used for the ISU judges' fraud as yet. No, come to think of it, she already has here. Well, that's not her fault, I guess.

Most of her elements are subject to -GOE with -1 to -2 for her jumps. She will have 53 for TES and 52 for PCS, which makes 105 in total.

How do you grade Pogorilaya's free?

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Anna Pogorilaya in 2014

I begin to worry that Anna tries to imitate Sotnikova. Please don't.

I have seen enough dramas, which bores me to death. Her first jump! I was ready to click on +1 but too bad. She will have -3, 0, -3 for her jump, - GOE for spin and the rest may have ratification and so on.

My verdict is 29 for TES and 26 for PCS, which gives 55 in total.

How do you grade Pogorilaya's short?

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Asley Wagner in 2014

Ashley's performance isn't that great but okay. But downgrading her jumps is a shameless bullshit by those ISU bastards, while showering +GOE over hideous jump execution.

Ashley's jumps are -1 to 0 with her spin -GOE, but overall it's okay for her.

Her overall performance is too subdued to justify 8.0. Her overall PCS will be 7.5 in average.

Ashley will have 53 for TES and 60 for PCS, which makes 113 in total.

How do you grade Wagner's free?

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Ashley Wagner in 2014

Anna is not the winner of Skate Canada

Ashley did okay here, except two footed. Again downgrading her jump by the current ISU judges who became a propaganda tool for Russian institution is a simply joke.

But Ashley will have -3, -1, 0 for her jump execution and -GOE for spin and so forth.

My verdict is that she will have 25 for TES and 30 for PCS, which gives her 55 in total.

In conclusion, Anna can't beat Ashley if judged correctly. The result shows that even after I downgraded her jump, and conservatively marked her while I was abit generous to Anna, Ashley still beats Anna.

This shows how serious the current ISU's fraud has become.

How do you grade Wagner's short?

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    • profile image


      3 years ago

      Wagner was the only skater who showed what is Lady's skating look like in this Grand Prix. Hope PCS does work fair on skaters.


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