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Retooled vs Rezilient - NBA Western Conference Finals 2009

Updated on May 23, 2009

Match-up to Watch

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Facing the same franchise that thwarted their previous chance on 1985 for an NBA Finals, the Denver Nuggets face more than just a test; they face destiny or defeat. Once again they are almost on top of their heavily filled conference; yet again they face the same gold and purple with new faces. Their remarkable transformation from a team frequently joked at to a team with a respectable game tune is now almost fully complete. Their match with the Lakers will answer this question: HAVE THEY REALLY SUCCESSFULLY RETOOLED THEIR STYLE?

Somehow starting fires of doubt due to their recent hard time against the heavily depleted Rockets, the Lakers are just proving their resiliency when they took Game 1 from the Nuggets by a deuce. Their "Jekyll and Hyde" syndrome will be the leverage of the series according to "the Zen" Phil Jackson; but will they be totally resilient against the "RETOOLED" Nuggets?

Chauncey Billups brought the steady lead at point and changed their fiery spark plugs into blazing fires on offense. He is the big reason why even if they lost defensive stalwarts Camby and Najera, they are stable on both sides of the court. Since the offensive prowess of Melo is there, he doesn't need to be an instant (sometimes erratic) offense like AI, but his strong influence and firm leadership surely molded this team into a sure contender like the team he came from; the Pistons.

Kobe Bryant has yet to really prove that he can win a championship as a leader, since being rejected by the Celtics last year, giving way to the 17th banner, he is even hungrier to take the charge and be "the Black Mamba" of the WEST. Then and again he spearheaded the on and off Lakers over the feisty, depleted Rockets in the second round of the Playoffs. With Pau Gasol fully armed sitting fit complementing him, now the call is on for him to push his team and play as they should: the Uno in the WEST.

Nuggets boast a repertoire of offensive talents in their starters Billups, Dahntay Jones, Melo, K-mart and Nene, with the reliable bench of "the Birdman" Chris Balkman, Renaldo Balkman, Linas Kleiza, JR Smith and Anthony Carter. While the Lakers are rag-tagging with their twin towers on the front-line with Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol, the quick Trevor Ariza on the wings, and the solid leadership of Kobe and Derek Fisher at the backcourt; the so called "bench-mob" falls in the mix with Sasha Vujačić, Lamar Odom, Shannon Brown, and Luke Walton with Josh Powell. this series is a sure fire hit, edge-pushing battle.

Will the strong showing of the Nuggets in this year's playoffs continue to boost them and change their luck against the franchise that blocked their success in the 80's? Or will the resilience of the Lakers supersede their inconsistency in the off-season? Find out as this neck-breaking continue to unfold and bring forth, the worthy Western CONFERENCE CHAMPIONS.


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