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Return of the Bicycle.

Updated on March 27, 2012

Cycling clubs are formed everywhere neither for its green credentials nor for its health benefits out for a work out . Now its for sheer enjoyment of challenging trips. Bicycle is the only vehicle of its kind, owned by poor men for its utility and rich men for its necessity. Cycling clubs are a passion for many who want to get together with others who enjoy endurance sports like long distance cycling and marathon. In these sports , the goal is prolonged athletic output over extended distances and periods, it is often maturity rather than youth matters.

Endurance cycling is an activity that can be enjoyed by those in their 30s to 50s. Objective is clear, bringing together like minded people to share the joys and benefits of cycling. It starts as a Sunday revolution in most places and gradually

the number and enthusiasm take them to long distance cycling. Then all sorts of things appear, like regular meetings, social events and promoting cycling as an exercise, endurance sport and way to travel places enjoying nature. Teaming up teach them, slower one to increase their speed with fast cyclists. There are so many attracted to cycling and not able to take their interest further because of lack of awareness and information. Those people are connected through social events. Some clubs provide cycles to unprivileged people who cannot afford it.

They organize workshops to inform potential enthusiasts about selecting a suitable bike and maintaining it. They want decision makers to create cycling lanes, cycling zones and exclusive cycling access areas in the cities. What really giving satisfaction to the members is the realization that their athletic output is higher than they expected. They start with 50 km trips and finally enter into the category of 500 – 1000 km. Trips to hill tops and high ranges provide good challenge because it is not easy and needs lots of training, nutrition and repairing cycles. After all it is not speed but prolonged performance what matters. So they are scientific in their approach.


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