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Review Of The Coleman Queen Double High Airbed Mattress

Updated on February 29, 2012

Talk About Sleeping On Air!

My airbed
My airbed
Another pic of my airbed
Another pic of my airbed
The actual box.
The actual box.

Without a doubt the Coleman Queen Double High Airbed is the best! I just love it! This mattress is like in a way sleeping on a waterbed, though not wavy or to much movement going on. I just stretch out and sink into the firm, yet softness of this Airbed. Before I get started with this review, I have to say I have had this Airbed for about a month now, so I can give a good review on it. I waited a long time to get this Airbed, due to issues with Walmart online Shopping. I will give you the link to that review later. I did however end up getting the Coleman Queen Double High Airbed in the Walmart store after the fact. Though at the time it was not offered in the store, and that is why I was buying it on line. Anyway...

Talk about a big mattress! Yes it is! The reviews online say it is more like a full size mattress, well I beg to differ, it is big. bigger than I thought, though you cannot get this Double High Airbed in a full or single size. I have to say I am loving the Queen size, and my kitty loves it as well, cause I am not kicking her or disturbing her sleep. God forbid Lucy gets upset!

Anyway more about this Airbed:

*** Inflated Dimensions are: 77in x 59 in x 19 in.

**** Fits Standard Queen Size Sheets

*** Carry Bag Included

*** Airtight System, Guaranteed not to leak

*** Comes with Directions

*** Does not come with a pump.

On this note about the pump. I was cheap, and did not buy the electric pump. I do own a hand pump, which I did use to pump up this Queen size mattress. Yes it did take me almost an hour to do it, but I have to say the workout did not kill me, anyway I do exercise, so it was no big deal. You can buy the electric pump if you want to, as this mattress does not come with one built in like some other models.

Some Things To Take Note Of:

~~~~** Really read all the Instructions, as they are nessesary

~~~*Don't let this product come in contact with any sharp pointed objects.

~~~* Only fill with cold air. You can never use a hair dryer to inflate this airbed, this could result in melting of this product.

~~~~* Don't overinflate the bed. This can result in a serious injury. Just inflate the bed until most of the wrinkles are gone, and the bed feels firm and comfortable to the touch.

~~~* Keep away from open flames, as it can melt or burn. Don't smoke on or near the bed. This could result in a harmful injury.

~~~* Don't let young children sleep on this bed unattended.. As this bed is not a toy, and should not be jumped on, stood on,walked on, or played on, as this can result in a serious injury, or damage to the bed.

CAUTION: Air temperature & the weather do affect the air pressure in this product. In the cold weather the bed will lose some pressure, due to the fact , the air will contract. You can add a little extra air at this point, to improve the airbed's performance. Though, in hot weather, the air will expand, so you must let some of the air out to prevent the bed from failing, due to overpressure

So as you can see, these are some things to keep in mind, when choosing something like an airbed, be it home or camping. Do the research, this way you know you are getting the best product possible.


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