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Review Of the 2013 Stanley Cup Champions

Updated on July 17, 2013

The Champs Are Hear!

Well Well, the 2013 NHL Hockey season is done and over,and what a year it has ben. In the 2013 NHL season there was uppers and downers, crazy trades,shocking injuries,greweling body checks,extravagant saves,and silky smooth goals being scored,if your a hockey fan like my self then the 2013 NHL Hockey season left no stone unturned,and was very satisfying coming from a fans point of view.

The Chicago Black Hawks proved to be the last team standing,when they beat the Boston Bruins in five games during the final series of the NHL playoffs, to win the Stanley cup. I first must congratulate the Chicago Black Hawks NHL hockey team,Coaching staff,and franchise, for a great season and for there victory over the cup.

What Made The Black Hawks Succesfull?

There are many different reasons why the chicago Black Hawks became the 2013 NHL Stanley Cup champions.Most expert think it was because of there all star, vetrin goaltender in cory crawford. outher people think it was cause there great defence presence and system. No mater the reason, the chicago black hawks wone theStanley Cup and hear is why i think they wone the Cup

The Goalies

in the NHL there are only a Hand full of excelent goaltenders, and every team is fighting and searching for one. The 2013 Chicago black hawks have two great goalies,who are not only all star status, but have bean deep in the play-offs and know what it takes to win a stanley cup champion ship,both Physiculy and mentully.

For most of the post season the chicago Black Hawks put Corey Crawford between the pipes ,with goaltender Ray Emery as there back up. Crawford has ben the face of the Black Hawks and he help the team win a stanley cup back in the 2009/2010 NHL hockey season.The BlackHawks have seen some excelent goales come n go from there rosters, but this past year could go down as one of the best combo goalie set in franchise history.

Goalie Stats ( Full Season)

Corey Crawford
Ray Emery


Where do i begin, the chicago blackhawks have neumriouse fowards who have a huge impact on the offiencesive zone,and who can lead the team to a stanley cup championship. In 2013 the BlackHawks where league leaders,in eras of face-off wins,Power play, puck postion,and shots on goal.

The BlackHawks have great break-out speed and know how to generate quick scoring chances,that throw off other teams and help them win championships. The BlackHawks also have great veteran players, like toews and Keith, who where big parts in this years Stanley Cup championship.

2013 Black Hawks Top Scorers ( Play-Offs)

Patrick Sharp
Bryan Bickell
Patrick Kane
Marian Hossa
Andrew Shaw

How Well Do You Know The BlackHawks

view quiz statistics

All Time Vintage BlackHawk Players

  • Jeremy Roenick
  • Tony Amonte
  • Bobby Hull
  • Tony Amonte
  • Steve Larmer
  • Stan Mikita

Does Defense Wins Championships ?

Yes defense is one of the most important aspects of any championship team. Teams who have the ability to trap the puck and keep the puck out of their own net, seem to do better in the post season then teams who have high power offence's.

The 2013 Chicago BlackHawks where great at trapping the other team, stealing/forcing turnovers, witch lead to great goals and awesome scoring chances. The Blackhawks, with out a doubt had some great defensive players on there roster in 2013, lets look at some top defensive players for the BlackHawks during the 2013 NHL PlayOffs.

Top BlackHawks Defense Men

Johnny Oduya
Duncan Keith
Brent Seabrook
Niklas Hjalmarsson

Fun Chicago BlackHawk Facts

  • First NHL Hockey Season:1926
  • Part of the Original Six NHL Teams
  • Stanley Cup Champions: 5 Times.
  • Home Stadiums: United Center, Chicago Stadium
  • Owners: Wirtz Corporation (Rocky Wirtz, chairman)
  • Head Coach:Joel Quenneville
  • NHL Team Captin:Jonathan Toews

Tell me what you think of this years champs

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