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Review: ProBody Spa Oxygenics RV Shower Head

Updated on October 17, 2014

RV Showers in General

If you've ever taken a shower in an RV, you realize that usually the space isn't very big. Added to the space being smaller than regular showers, the water pressure can be very low. Then add in the hot water tank is only around 10 gallons, and you're looking at a trying experience. Just to note, the 5th wheel we live in only has a 7 gallon hot water tank.

Maybe you are all too familiar with this experience, and have all but accepted that's how it is. If you're like my wife and I, then you live in your RV permanently. We have endured our fledgling shower situation for years now thinking we could do little to improve on it. Hindsight is all too clear, and in this case it's no different.

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What Changed

Finally, the faucet went belly up and I had to investigate. I'm no expert at these kinds of fixes, so I didn't know how to remove the faucet. Turns out you have to go from behind the tub in the space in the wall. That's where you can unhook the water pipes and unscrew the fastners to take off the faucet all in one piece.

Well, after fiddling with the old nasty faucet I broke a piece and this led us to make a special trip to the local RV store. This RV store has a gentleman that pateintly has helped us through many novice questions over the years. He didn't disappoint and we walked out of there with the ProBody Oxygenics shower head and a new snazzy faucet!

The Results

We went all out, and got the nicest shower head in the store, and we picked out the faucet that we liked the look of instead of the cheapest one. These purchases turned out to be well worth the money spent.

After I hurriedly hooked up the new faucet and shower head with a seeming air of confidence, I took the plunge and took an experimental shower. Now, let me tell you... it was great! Maybe we've been depreived for so long and this improvement was made that much more enjoyable because of this, but either way - the results were fantastic. Now, realize I mean deprived in a relative way, of course I realize Americans have come to expect a different standard (especially with showers).

Nevertheless, the shower experience has went from dread to eagerness to get in. The shower last longer, has much more pressure, the spray is much more all-encompassing, and hey it just looks better.

If you are interested in improving your shower experience, then spend the $80 or so to get the shower head and the faucet both! It's worth it, even if you are just a weekend warrior. Although the space is generally smaller and the tank is smaller, the pressure and the longevity is much improved.

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