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Review: RV Camping at Circle T RV and Mobile Home Park

Updated on July 25, 2015

Not many people I run across know where Mission, Texas is located. It runs alongside the southern tip of Texas, a little over an hour’s drive northwest of Brownsville. This is my hometown and where Levi and I frequent almost every winter for a week or so.

We drove our Sunstar here (car in tow) this past 2014 Christmas break. This was our first big journey in the RV, over 3000 miles round trip, in an effort to visit family and deliver home items to store away. Among the many parks we viewed online and inquired about over the phone, Circle T RV and Mobile Home Park seemed to be the most appealing and affordable.

Many of the RV parks in and around Mission cater to senior citizens, 55 and over. Circle T does, as well, however they try to meet a certain quota in their park of guests below that age group, excluding kids. Luckily, our kids (cats and dog) were welcomed, with the understanding that they were well-behaved.

Lower Rio Grande Valley

RV Park Location

Circle T is not a gated community. It is a cluster of streets, a small neighborhood, that include RV sites and mobile homes sitting side-by-side. Nestled in the middle of this are the handful of facilities that contain the park’s many amenities.

Circle T is conveniently located right off of Expressway 83 which runs through the southern portion of Mission. Traveling to other nearby cities simply requires you to hop back on the Expressway, as opposed to scrambling through surface streets.

Mission is apart of what is called the Lower Rio Grande Valley-a combination of four counties closest to the Mexican border. Although the many cities within this region encompass a rich culture of Spanish history in their food, arts, and landmarks, two of the most popular tourist sights are Mexico, less than thirty minutes away, and South Padre Island, about an hour and a half from Mission.

Circle T Heated Pool


Circle T RV and Mobile Home Park has many amenities to offer. All building amenities were located in the same vicinity, across the street from where we were parked. Their air-conditioned recreation hall has multiple daily activities ranging from morning exercise sessions to afternoon ice cream socials and evening potlucks to movie nights. Weekly activities are posted on a bulletin board in the rec hall and online. A library and free wi-fi hotspots are also available in the rec hall. If you want wi-fi at your RV site, an additional fee is charged.

A laundry room is located next to the rec hall. Several rows of clothes lines outside are offered as an alternative to dryer use. We took advantage of the heated pool with jacuzzi a few nights. Individual showers and his and her bathrooms are in a separate building. Then there is the shuffleboard court which was pretty popular with the male residents at 7:30 AM every morning. Levi and I would wake up to their “Hays” and “Hos” every morning, pending good weather, of course.

Although there are no dog runs, pets are welcomed, leashed and supervised by their owner. It is only around the facilities that signs pop up stating, “No pets allowed.” We would walk through the neighborhood with our pooch. We took care to clean up after her.


Staying at Circle T was very affordable. We stayed there for a week, so our total cost was $153 (about $22 a day)! The longer the stay, the more the price drops! Staying less than a week is not as affordable, about $36 a night. This is for the site, hook-ups, and electricity. Wi-fi, as mentioned previously, is an additional charge. Mobile homes and travel trailers are available for rent, as well.

Overall Cleanliness

Circle T’s facilities and surrounding area, albeit aged, are kept immaculate. The residents take great care in keeping it that way. All open RV sites were swept clear of debris. Animal waste was non existent. The rec hall, laundromat, office, showers, and restrooms appeared swept and wiped down, no lingering odors.

Customer Service

Circle T’s excellent customer service started the minute we arrived. Not only the employees of the park, but the residents greeted us with invitations to evening activities and help hooking up the RV. We met the park manager and about 3 of the guests within the first five minutes.

We were inundated with questions asking where we were from, how long we would be staying, and if we could attend some of the week’s events. A few residents stopped by our rig throughout the week introducing themselves and wanting to chit-chat. However overwhelming this seemed for us antisocial city folk, we felt very welcomed and more confident in the safety of the neighborhood because of this. It is evident that residents of Circle T care about their neighborhood and take steps to get to know their short term guests, be it a friendly gesture or cautionary action.

My final rating for Circle T RV and Mobile Home Park is 3 out of 4 tires.

Circle T provides an array of activities for guests to enjoy on a daily basis. There is always something going on, rain or shine! Customer service was top notch! Besides the employees, the residents were very friendly and welcoming from day one. Having to pay an additional fee for Wi-Fi was an inconvenience. We needed to use the rec hall’s wi-fi if we wanted to access it free of charge. Also, the difference in pay from one day to one week was a noticeable difference; stay at least a week if you venture south. You will have plenty to do at the park alone, that’s for sure.

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