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Review: RV Camping at Hitchin' Post RV Park

Updated on September 25, 2015

For a good five months (winter and spring of 2015), my husband and I occupied a spot at Las Vegas’s Hitchin’ Post RV Park. Besides the many amenities this family owned and operated park offered, the park was conveniently located within fifteen minutes of our work sites. This was our first experience staying in an RV Park for more than a week, so we really had ample time to sample (and resample) all the park had to offer.

RV Park Location

The Hitchin’ Post RV Park is located on the northeast side of Las Vegas, more specifically Las Vegas Blvd and Lamb. Ask any Las Vegas local and they will tell you that this is certainly no where near the ritzy part of town. That being said, we had zero issues with the location regarding safety or well-being.

The park was pretty quiet throughout the day, until the jets from nearby Nellis Air Force Base started flying across the sky beginning at 7 AM some days. The sounds of the jets tearing through the sky were loud, but watching them soar, looping and gliding through the air was pretty amazing to witness.

As far as distance from popular sights, a quick 20 minute drive heading south down Las Vegas Blvd will take you to Vegas’s entertainment hubs, Las Vegas Strip and Fremont Street. Of course, Las Vegas has much to offer outside of the neon scene; just be sure to have transportation access as many sites are not within walking distance.

Laundry Room


Saltwater Pool

Mini Putting Course

Dog Run

Hitchin' Post Motel


The Hitchin’ Post is bursting at the seams with amenities, one of the reasons we selected this place for this extended stay. Sites measure 30 feet wide and 60-70 feet long. They include water, electric (30 and 50 amps), and sewage hookups, as well as cable and internet. Electricity is a separate bill outside of the site cost, but cable and internet (wifi or hardwire) hookups are free! Most sites have a wooden picnic table. If not, simply request one from the office and they will send one down within a day or two. One downside to the sites is the lack of shade with trees, essential to Las Vegas’s brutal summers.

As guests enter the gates of the park, they will notice the main complex housing most of the parks amenities. There is a laundry room jammed pack with washer and dryers, flanked by his and her sauna-themed bathroom and shower stalls. A load of laundry can be washed for $2.00 and dryer usage is determined in minutes ($0.25 per 10-15 minutes depending on the size of dryer). A heated saltwater pool and accompanying weight/exercise room sit just north of the laundry room.

A mini putting course and driving range are available for those golf enthusiasts. An open mailbox room and soda and candy machines make for extra convenience. Pooch owners can walk their dogs to one of four adjoining dog runs or choose to bath their furry friends at the outdoor dog wash station.

We frequented the park’s restaurant/bar a few times a month. The Hitchin’ Post Saloon and Steakhouse is housed just outside the gates of the RV park, just a walk away from our rig. Open 24/7, this eatery offers some decent food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We would either enjoy our meals in the dining section or outside in the beer garden. Outside, there were darts and horseshoes to enjoy while you waited for your meal. Keeping with the true spirit of Las Vegas, the smoky bar has a number of poker machines to test your luck (I think we came out on top $50 total).

The Hitchin’ Post owns a small motel, as well. This sits in front of the RV park, along with the restaurant and registration office. Although outdated, it is well-kept. We never stayed in the motel, but in a pinch and for convenience, if a friend or relative wanted to visit, this would be a cheap route to go with rooms under $20.

Talk about convenience! One more asset to this part is the next door neighbor, Hitchin Post Trailer Sales. They are best known for selling a variety of storage trailers and camper shells, but in the confines of their shop, they have many accessories to accommodate RVs. We purchased some much needed lights for our rig.


Staying at Hitchin-Post RV Park was very affordable, considering all of its perks. Monthly charge was $450 plus electricity use ($0.14 kwh). For those looking to stay less than a month, daily fee is just a little under $30. Hitchin’ Post is a Good Sam RV park. We were, unfortunately, unable to use our Good Sam discount since we were staying for a longer term. Otherwise, the office honors it for short stays, week-long or less stays. As mentioned previously, cable and wifi are offered free of charge!

Overall Cleanliness

One thing we noticed in our research, before deciding to stay at the park, was the guest reviews. Many raved about the park’s detail to cleanliness. We have the same rave. The park grounds were kept up daily. There was no debris in sight and if something was on the ground, it was quickly picked up before the end of the day by an employee or resident of the park. The bathrooms were never unsightly and common areas were swept and tidy. Every once in a while the laundry room would smell. I wasn’t able to pinpoint the cause but residents said it was either from the bathrooms (sewage) or smell from the washers/dryers.

Customer Service

The Hitchin’ Post is all about making their customers feel safe and comfortable, at least that’s the feeling we got during our stay. The park is surrounded by a brick wall with barbed wire to boot. Cameras are set up throughout the interior of the park and line the perimeter. Remotes are assigned to park guests for accessing entry into this gated park. These tactics, like many, are not foolproof, but there was no time during our stay that we felt unsafe in the confines of the park.

Service was always with a smile, from the restaurant to the trailer sales department. Employees knew us by our first names (which could be a good thing or a bad thing) and were always helpful with answering any questions or assisting with park related errands. Staff members were familiar and knowledgeable about the park, what it had to offer, and familiar with the city, as well.

There were many instances where employees of the park proved their promise to reliable customer service. A few incidents, that stick out in my mind, occurred in the laundry room that were quickly remedied. A washing machine jammed after I inserted my coins. A phone call to the office from the laundry room was all it took for a service member to assist within minutes to get the machine up and running.

Another time, a load of our clothes was taken out of a dryer by a resident and put on a nearby folding table while we were away from the laundry room. When we arrived to gather and fold our loads, we discovered we were one load short. Granted, we should not have left our clothes “unattended,” but we were only absent for a short time. We reported the incident to the office, knowing that security cameras were located in the laundry room, but also aware that we may never get our items back. Within a couple of days, however, we received a call from the office reporting that our clothes were found and we could retrieve them ASAP. They were able to track down the resident who took the clothes mistakenly thinking that they were being given away for free.

My final rating for Hitchin’ Post RV Park is 3 out of 4 brand new tires.

Determining the final rating for Hitchin’ Post RV Park was tough. The park is screaming to be a perfect 4 out of 4 tires save a few hiccups. The noise level from the jets was a deterrent. Wearing earplugs is a possible solution though. Lack of shade was another concern, more so from mid-spring to mid-fall, with the heat. These are pretty miniscule issues in comparison to the top notch customer service and amenities offered.


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