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Review: Southland Archery Crusher Crossbow for Hog Hunting

Updated on August 3, 2015

There are a few ways that you could hunt hogs out here in california. You can get up into a tree stand, you can sit and wait in a ground blind, or you can go spot and stalk hunting. I prefer the spot and stalk method because I feel that it allows me to get the most out of my hunting experience. Sometimes I hunt with a compound bow, and sometimes I like to use a rifle, but this time I chose to test out a crossbow that I had just picked up.

The Southland Archery Supply Crusher would be my weapon of choice if I were hunting hogs. This 150-pound split limb crossbow has all of the specs that I need to confidently take one of these animals. Their thick hide could pose some issues for lighter weapons, but the Crusher would have no problem making the cut.


What first caught my eye was the tactical design of this crossbow, but what solidified my purchase was the fact that it come with a foregrip. I have had a few crossbows throughout the years, and I have always thought of getting a bi-pod for them. Let's face it, many of the crossbows tend to be front heavy. The fact that this one had an integrated foregrip was definitely a big plus when I was checking it out.

This usually wouldn't be that big of a factor to me, but the last time that I went hunting, I almost had a hog hook my right leg when I was stalking with my compound bow. If I had the SAS Crusher (or a rifle), I would have been able to use it to put it right on the muzzle of that hog.

At a width of 22’’ and a length of 33’’ this would be more than manageable. It would also be heavy enough to keep that sucker back, but light enough for me to carry around in the field coming in at just over 9 pounds with all of the accessories.

Speaking of accessories, the crusher comes with all of the standard items that you would need to get to hunting those hogs. There is rail lube, a 4 x 32 Illuminated scope, a quiver, rope cocking device, 4, 20’’ carbon arrows, and a padded sling. The rope cocking device seemed pretty standard, but it had an extra curved portion on the hooks. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but I think that it will grow on me. I also thought that the arrows that came in the package were great compared to other “standard packaged” arrows.


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