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Review of Sparring Equipment for Contact Karate P1 - Introduction

Updated on December 5, 2012

Sponsor and Purpose of this Hub

This Hub is presented by the Christian Martial Arts Fellowship (CMAF). CMAF is a group of many clubs teaching the Art of Cha Yun-do, an American martial art form designed for the average person, for use in self-defense.

The subject is a review with recommendations regarding the various protective gear used by CMAF students during semi-free sparring exercises.

As this writing will cover the various parts of the body, from foot to head, it would not be possible to present everything on one page so this Hub will be presented in several parts, this being part one. You will note that the presentation in parts calls for a certain amount of repetition for continuity. We hope to have the total Hub published in short order.

CMAF would like to thank you for your interest. We begin with a necessary "warning."




This article is a series of Hubs. Before we get into this article, it is important to remind everyone that contact sports, such as karate, can be dangerous to the user when not properly learned and executed. Proper equipment must be worn, specifically proper padding. And, though padding is applied to reduce injury, it is not a panacea to stop injury.

Whether one participates in padded or unpadded drills or sparring, both free and semi-free sparring, it should be done only with proper supervision and training. Padding, such as we will be reviewing, is not a stop gap to injury. They are helpful, but the student must be properly trained and have proper supervision present when employing their use.

Proper equipment is a necessity for training in any of the martial arts. We are not addressing the a uniform and tote bag as used by the "soft arts," such as Tai Chi, which are designated mainly for exercise. Nor will we be addressing the modern day equipment used by the pro and semi-pro cage fighters.

Our purpose here is the present and review various types of pads that may be worn during contact drills and training, such as Cha Yun-do. This training, again, is a self-defense discipline, designed for personal self defense and reliable when properly used against any aggressor, trained or untrained, amateur or professional.

CMAF hopes you will find this information useful, whether you are a student or instructor.


CMAF Pad Suppliers and Vendors

The proper use of padded equipment is a must when contact is part of the training. Instructors will have to analyze their individual teaching styles and students, and make certain adjustments. CMAF does require pads for certain parts of the body for several reasons; protect yourself, protect others and liability. Now its time to look at the standard padded equipment for "basic training."

We will move from the foundation, the feet, up the body to the head with some comments on the proper wearing and value of each piece of equipment. And keep in mind, this is the position of the CMAF. Our comments and requirements should, in no way, be accepted or viewed as dictating to the martial arts world.

The items pictured, as we go through the individual pads, will be from the on-line catalogues of Century Martial Arts (, Asian World of Martial Arts ( and Macho Martial Arts ( CMAF uses both Century and AWMA as the main suppliers, with Macho as the backup. The products of each is on an equal level of quality. CMAF’s interest is in cost to the student with ease of ordering and availability which have been our reasons for selecting Century and AWMA as our main suppliers.


NOTE: All written training information presented by Dr. Randolph A. Young and the Christian Martial Arts Fellowship is for informational purposes and is not presented as a training program. All training and use of martial arts techniques should be learned and developed only under the direction and supervision of a qualified instructor.

IMAGE COPYRIGHT: Images, references and other related material used are mainly from personal files or It is not our intend to infringe on these or other copyrights in anyway. When timely proper notification is received regarding an issue, the item will be removed as soon as possible.


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