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Review of Sparring Equipment for Contact Karate P5 - Upper Leg and Groin

Updated on December 5, 2012

Knee Pads

We now move up to the knee. CMAF does not required knee pads for regular classes. Should the student wish to participate in ground fighting exercises, we suggest cloth with good flexibility, similar in material to the shin pad.



Thigh Pad

For the regular class sparring, there is no required thigh pad. Though this is a constant target for many attacks in MMA training, class sparring time is limited to short periods so the type of MMA damage is not a factor. Add to this the size and "meat" of the leg which dissipate the power of most attacks. And last, the student is expected to block and deflect these types of attacks which further reduces the power upon contact, if any. The pad for class purposes is not required. However, again, students may chose to utilize a pad for this area. If one is training in a discipline that does have constant and sustained attacks to this area, they are recommended. Note the inset of several of such pads are available through AWMA.


Groin Protection

Groin protection is available for both male and female. CMAF requires a hard plastic or other material of equal strength for the men and recommend it women for sparring. The suggested version is the type of "athletic supporter" with a pocket that allows for the removal of the cup when not needed, but having to remove the supporter. This type allows more freedom of movement when going through class drills where there is no contact. The groin protection equipment is both the least protective and the most useful, all at the same time.

But, there is no protection that nullifies a strike to the groin of a male. A hard strike will always cause a certain amount of "discomfort." The type of "cup" required to be worn by CMAF students is no where near the size and amount of padding found in a professional boxers groin protector. Yet, as most people have seen, when boxers get hit "below the belt," it is necessary to stop the fight momentarily until the fighter regains his "composure."

Though our suppliers stock these items, CMAF refers all students to local sports equipment stores for sanitary reasons. Sizing is a person issue and once worn, the item is not returnable. CMAF directs students to obtain these on their own, but will order them for students upon request and with an understanding that they are not returnable. Size of the item is determined by the student.


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