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Review of Sparring Equipment for Contact Karate P8 - The Head

Updated on December 5, 2012

Head Protection - Helmet

The last item we will cover is the helmet.

The first issue here is its value. CMAF finds very little value to these in sparring drills, but for liability purposes, requires all students under 18 years to wear a helmet.

This is not to say the product is inferior. On the contrary, we are confident that each of our suppliers meets or exceeds any industry standard for sparring materials.

The standard helmet (pictured here in red) has a dubious purpose. Our suppliers all present the same basic structure for this student helmet. Again, we as not knocking the products as being inferior. We are addressing the overall value regardless of who produces them.

With the exception of tripping or being knocked down and, in either case, falling and hitting ones head, there seems to be little value other than softening the blow to the skull. As with football, hockey and boxing, the helmet does little, if any, good regarding concussions.

And here we should to comment that the multi-million dollar sports industry has been incapable of producing equipment that will eliminate injury. It would seem that this is an impossibility and the participants must be aware of this through common knowledge. It is no different in the martial arts sector. It is a physical contact sport.

Since their "required" inception in the 1980's, the only thing the helmet has done is to produce more head-hunter students. The helmet is like a red cape to a bull for the novice students. It is a challenge and a target.

In order to realize any true positive effect from the wearing of a helmet during sparring, the student has to up grade to the "masked helmet" similar to that shown here in black. One similar was previously posted in the P6 hub subtitled "Throat Guard." This type does protect the eyes, nose and teeth by using the skull as support in defraying and dissipating the effects of a frontal strike, while the cage stops direct contact. But even this will not have any effect on a punch or kick from the side and there is very little padding on the rear. They are of improved value for the protection of the above frontal areas, doubtful with regard to reducing the internal effects.

The type of caged helmet where the helmet is "foam" material and the cage is strapped on to it, is not allowed to be worn by students of CMAF. There is little stability to the cage and experience has shown that a strike to the front will drive the cage back into the chin and/or nose.

Again, there are a number of helmets on the market, but none is capable of performing in a way that make them of any great value. You can look at the sites of our suppliers to see the variations available. Chose wisely.

Concluding Comments

Contact sports of all types find a need for a variety of padding to protect the participants. Owners and directors of these activities depend on the equipment supplied by the various vendors of these sports, to be of a certain quality. CMAF is among those directors.

Cha Yun-do is a contact sport in the category of karate. This art uses the dynamics of the body, designed by God, to generate levels of power to be used in self defense. In training, this power is directed at various targets and freestanding pads in the development a the students ability.

Once students attain a certain level of proficiency, they are allowed to face other students for the testing and enhancing of their skills.

Cha Yun-do techniques develop an amazing level of power when executed properly. Therefore, when facing each other, students are required to wear certain pads and are allowed to wear certain other pads for their protection, both for defense and counter attack.

CMAF is confident that Century Martial Arts Supply, LLC, Asian World of Martial Arts, Inc and Macho Products, Inc., meet and exceed the expected quality of martial arts pads available to its students for sparring.

CMAF is pleased to recommend the products of the above companies for use in training in the Art of Cha Yun-do and in all facets of their direct and its affiliate programs.

For more information about Cha Yun-do or the Christian Martial Arts Fellowship, please visit our site at


NOTE: All written training information presented by Dr. Randolph A. Young and the Christian Martial Arts Fellowship is for informational purposes and is not presented as a training program. All training and use of martial arts techniques should be learned and developed only under the direction and supervision of a qualified instructor.

IMAGE COPYRIGHT: Images, references and other related material used are mainly from personal files or It is not our intend to infringe on these rights in anyway. When timely proper notification is received regarding an issue, the item will be removed as soon as possible.


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