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Review of Superman: Ultimate Flight Roller Coaster at Six Flags Great Adventure Theme Park

Updated on March 2, 2013
This is the main emtrance of the rollercoaster ride.
This is the main emtrance of the rollercoaster ride.
This is how the rollercoaster looks like.
This is how the rollercoaster looks like.
This is how passengers look like on the ride and once you come to this part its the awesome part of hte rollercoaster.
This is how passengers look like on the ride and once you come to this part its the awesome part of hte rollercoaster.
The whole rollercoaster ride in plain view.
The whole rollercoaster ride in plain view.

The reason why the roller -coaster ride is called Superman ultimate flight is because as you get on the ride it seems and almost feels like you are flying which in other words is the whole object of the roller -coaster ride and the name that goes along with it. This Six Flag rides also different because it was not made for height or faster than the speed bullet speed it also gives of from little to no airtime but the flying sensation is rather awesome.

Some interesting facts about the Superman ultimate flight ride-

The thrill scale ( 0 wimpy, 10 Yikes , 8)

Since this is a type of roller coaster where people are put in a flying position now dont you think that's fantastic i never thought that could possibly happen in a roller -coaster but now i see that it can.

Type of coaster - A flying one

It's top speed - 51mph

The height restrictions of the ride - 54 inches

The height of the lift hill - 106 feet

First drop - 100 feet

Total time for the ride - 2 minutes and 6 seconds

If you are ever planning on going to Six Flags and you want to go on this type of roller-coaster ride then you will wan to make sure that you take out any personal belongings that you may have inside your pockets to prevent any loss of materials when you are facing the ground while on the ride. So its a warning in this ride you can loose your things good and fast. A rule to know about this ride is that Six Flags does not allow anyone to pick up any lost item until the ride closes at the end of the day.

Where is the Superman- ultimate flight ride located? Its located almost at the end of the theme park next to the parking lot in the roller-coaster ride it displays the iconic superhero which is superman of course doing different legendary movements and is also perching on top of the large scrim in front of the ride. So almost every few minutes this ride is filled with a lot of screaming passengers as it goes flying above the scrim and past superman. At first all of the riders go inside a queque by going inside a tunnel ( Can it be the fortress of solitude?) perhaps it can be that then it snakes on the line going to the loading station at the far end of an open area. After that the coasters red and blue tracks hang above the queque and then the riders just dive for a few feet of those in line.

A superhero roller-coaster in progress

Some of the states where their six flag offer the Superman ultimate roller-coaster ride are Chicago, Georgia, Atlanta while the rides in return may look similar. For example the roller-coaster from Georgia utilizes two stations plus a switch track to compensate for all of the load and the unloading time and it also keeps the line moving as well. Another thing that would have been better is if the one from New Jersey had two stations available. But maybe the theme park wanted to save some money by taking away the second station.

If you think about it good for a while it might sound weird to hang just facing the ground while at he same time the train stays calm at the station but once the ride starts to head on to the track its a wild and wonderful feeling that you can get. It may not feel like you are actually flying but in this rollercoaster you feel like if you are a superhero in training. So in my opinion I think this is a rollercoaster worth to get on if you go to six flags.


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    • talfonso profile image

      talfonso 4 years ago from Tampa Bay, FL

      Went on this ride in summer 2011 as first go-to ride and was THRILLED! Something to complement a smooth sailing on the Turnpike to the park. Can't wait to ride it again!

    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      I have always heard that six flags is a great place to go..Thank's for sharing..