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Review of the Newly Designed Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins

Updated on July 21, 2009
The Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins, Newly Designed
The Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins, Newly Designed

I  bought the Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins a few months ago, and warm weather finally permitted me to putting them to use!

Now for those of you whom may of heard about the fins being horrible, do note that the ones I am reviewing are the newly designed fins, with improvements!

The fins are unique, and unlike any other, as they have a soft sandal like bootie bolted down to the thin blade of the fin. The open toe design protects you from cramping in the water. The thin design and lack of side rail should not deter you from purchasing them, because they really provide a ton of speed in the water, and they are lightweight. Designed with travel in mind the Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins live up to the expectations of those of you whom are looking for fins to easily pack away in your luggage.

They do float, and I would primarily recommend them for snorkeling due to this fact. Some may feel a little bit of a pull at their legs while diving deep water, however for me, I did not feel any pull, and they worked like a charm for what I needed them for, which is surface snorkeling. While in the water I was also able to push myself down into further depths without a problem.

My relative tried them on and felt the floating pull, however he is an avid diver, so he would recognize such issues. For me though, using them for surface snorkeling/skimming, I had no issues at all. 

The straps are superb, and allowed me to easily adjust them as I wanted. They have a front strap by the toe area which buckles shut, and another strap that has triple velcro layers to keep your foot safely and securely attached to the blade.

There is another strap at the heel of your foot which you can easily adjust to size. The soft foam that coats the heel strap also provides comfort for long snorkeling trips.

I have a size 8.5 shoe, and bought the medium sized fins. They easily adjusted to my foot, and were very very comfortable. My boyfriend who is in a size 11, was also able to adjust the straps and wear the fins as well, so the medium size in my opinion is very universal as far as sizing goes.

The lightweight thin size allows me to tote them along with ease, and frankly I couldn't be happier with them.

For casual snorkeling, I recommend the Zeagle Teleoz EZ Travel Fins.For diving, I would suggest a different pair of fins based off of what a relative had to say about them (buoyancy pull).

-Sections of my review also seen on my Blog, and Bukisa


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