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Reviews of Six Flags Roller Coasters

Updated on February 28, 2013

When rollercoaster reviews become a family affair

Our family of five visited Six Flags Over Texas recently. We had my daughter's friend with us. During our visit we discovered something very interesting: Different people don't like the same rides. I took a snap poll as to what the "best" ride was after the day was over, and I got six different answers. We can't really tell you what the "best" roller coaster at Six Flags is, but we can tell you which ride each of us liked best, and why.

Six family members + friend, six rides, six favorites. Six roller coaster reviews.

The reviewers, nicknamed:

Big Mamma - Your humble hub page author. Middle aged, slightly sedentary, and under the vague impression that she's too old for the really wild roller coasters.

Big Daddy - Humble husband, absolutely certain he's too old for the really wild roller coasters.

Teenage Boy - Has Asperger's syndrome, likes speed, hates heights.

Teenage Girl - The taller, the faster, the wilder, the better!

The Friend - Also a teenaged girl. Also likes the wild stuff.

Little Guy - Is seven years old. Loves roller coasters, hates age and height restrictions.

We entered the park with the understanding that one parent would be with the boys, and one would go with the girls. Teenage Boy likes moderate roller coasters, but he is afraid of the real thrill rides. His little brother is not allowed to go on the really wild stuff, an epic tragedy that will haunt his dreams until he grows. The girls were ready to go to the upper limits of insanity.

Somehow, I was the adult drafted to join them. Lucky me. The last time I rode in inverted roller coaster, I hurt my neck, and I was certain I would never allow myself to get into that situation again. However.... the maternal instinct kicked in; after all, there were two of them, and one of them was not my own child. Must. Be. Mamma. Do I HAVE to ride the Shock Wave? I do? No, I don't want to stand at the entrance to the ride for an hour. OK, I'm riding the Shock Wave.

Teenage Girl's Favorite Ride - Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast


The wildest ride of all!

Teenage Girl is the daredevil of our family. It was her birthday, and she wanted to experience the most extreme thrills Six Flags Over Texas had to offer us. She loved this stomach-emptying ride so much, she rode it twice.

What it is - You take off backwards, zipping from zero to 70 mph in 3.4 seconds through a tunnel that goes almost immediately into a reverse loop, and then into a spike that takes you 230 feet in the air, before plummeting back down and doing the whole thing again the other direction. It's got everything that the wildest roller coaster riders love - intense speed, dazzling heights. loops upside at severe angles, taken at breakneck pace. This ride was so intense they asked us to remove all jewelry in advance.

Big Mamma survived this. Barely. Survival tips for the timid: Plant your head very firmly against the headrest and close your eyes.

Section of the Park: Gotham City

Flash Pass Available: Yes

Intensity Factor: 10

Length of Line: An hour

Height Restriction: 54 inches

Recommended for: Thrill seekers, people with no fear, people with strong stomachs who have not just eaten.

If you like this, you might also like: The Shock Wave

Try Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast Yourself!

The Friend's Favorite Ride - The Titan


She thought this hit the highest heights of fun

Teenage Girl's closest friend is also a teenaged girl, but she was not quite as fond of the rapid loops and dizzying change in direction that we experienced with the Mr. Freeze. The Friend likes heights, so her favorite ride was also the tallest - The Titan.

The Titan is straightforward - literally. Riders always face forward, and you can always see where you are going. Where you are going is up. And up. And up. And up. And up 245 feet. Then, suddenly...... a 255 foot free fall drop into a tunnel underground, then up again into a very intense helix. The Friend absolutely loved the intense plummet.Teenaged Boy attempted to join us for this, but just couldn't go through with it, so Big Mamma put the girls on the ride and escorted Teenaged Boy back to his daddy.

Survival tip: everybody have a cell phone handy; it makes it much easier to handle moments like this when the group has to split up.

Section of the Park: Texas

Flash Pass Available: Yes

Intensity Factor: 9.5

Length of Line: Over an hour

Height Restriction: 48 inches

Recommended for: People who love to fall really fast, but who do like to be able to see how fast they are falling.

If you like this, you might also like: The NewTexas Giant

Try the Titan for yourself!

Big Mamma's Favorite Ride - The Superman Tower of Power


Speed and height without the jarring - and entirely right-side-up

This was my favorite. The Superman Tower of Power combines the two things I love most about thrill rides while eliminating everything I dislike about many of the most intense rides.

The ride takes you slowly up 325 feet, where you can observe the dazzling vista of the city skyline; Fort Worth, Dallas and Arlington are all quite visible from this height. Then, quite suddenly, you drop drastically, plummeting to the earth before stopping short, and heading back up again. There are two intense falls in this ride, providing plenty of chills. However, riders do not experience the jarring side-to-side jerking moves that are prevalent on roller coasters, and there's no going upside down. For me, all of the fun, none of the discomfort that I experience on other rides.

Survival tip: The line for this ride can be very long, but you can cut a huge amount of time off your wait by getting in the single rider line. They want to fill every seat of this ride every time, so people riding alone will be asked to fill empty slots left over when groups are loaded. We ate lunch directly in front of Superman, and I left my family for a ride while they were still eating. The girls never even noticed that I was gone.

Section of the Park: Tower

Flash Pass Available: Yes

Intensity Factor: 9

Length of Line: For a person who knew the "single rider" trick, less than 15 minutes.

Height Restriction: 52 inches

Recommended for: Height junkies who want to enjoy the view without too much jostling.

If you like this, you might also like: The Conquistador

Experience Superman Tower of Power

Teenage Boy's Favorite Ride - Pandemonium


Whirlwind speed and excitiment, without the height

Teenage boy is very much afraid of heights, but he does like to go very fast and he loves twirling around in crazy spins. Pandemonium, originally known as Tony Hawk's Big Spin, was perfect for him. On this delightful steeplechase of a ride, the heights are moderate, but the uncertainty is high, because the seats spin. You never know if you be facing frontwards or backwards from moment to moment, and no two rides are exactly the same. This is one of the newest rides at Six Flags Over Texas, and the line was excruciatingly long. We learned the shortcut too late; Pandemonium, like Superman, has a special short line for single riders. However, since this was a ride that would even accept Little Guy, we did not go as single riders on this. Only Big Daddy sat this one out.

Section of the Park: Boomtown

Flash Pass Available: Yes

Intensity Factor: 8

Length of Line: Over an hour

Height Restriction: 42 inches

Recommended for: Families who want some thrills that everybody can enjoy, and folks who like to spin around and get dizzy.

If you like this, you might also like: The Gunslinger

Discover Pandemonium

Little Guy's Favorite Ride - Runaway Mountain


The most exciting ride he was able to enter

Little Guy had a split decision as to what his favorite rides were. This inside roller coaster, which takes place entirely in the dark, tied with Pandemonium as Little Guy's two favorite rides. (He is still begging us to let him go on the Titan. Four more inches, sweetie.) This is one of the most elegantly landscaped rides in the park; the outside looks like a mountain surrounded by a swamp, and the crowd stands on a series of bridges that give off the feeling of being in a wooded area. Once inside the ride, you get into a "mine train" in a darkly lit place, and then plummet into the complete darkness that is the inside of the mountain. The ride inside is a fairly smooth, standard helix ride. The thing that sets this ride apart is the darkness. The video which follows is a very rare look at the inside workings of this very enjoyable, moderate family roller coaster. This is one of only two rides that every person in our party rode on.

Section of the Park: Old South and France

Flash Pass Available: No

Intensity Factor: 7

Length of Line: 45 minutes

Height Restriction: 48 inches

Recommended for: Families who like a smooth ride of moderate intensity, but who are not afraid of the dark.

If you like this, you might also like: The Runaway Mine Train

An unusual view of Runaway Mountain - with the lights on

Big Daddy's Favorite Ride - La Vibora


Big Daddy's Favorite Ride - La Vibora

Big Daddy liked this moderate roller coaster best. It's the first big roller coaster you see as you enter the park, and can wet your whistle for the bigger thrills to come as you venture deeper into the Six Flags world. This ride, which visually reminds me very much of a coral snake, makes you feel as if you are on a bobsled. You go straight forward, not terribly high, and there are no inversions or loops. You don't spin around and you are never in the dark. It's roughly as exciting as a really good water slide, which is fine - if that's the intensity you want. This is preferable to some of the other moderate rides in the park because it is smoother. I find Judge Roy Scream and the Runaway Mine Train, which are of about equal intensity to this ride, to be much bumpier.

Section of the Park: Mexico and Spain

Flash Pass Available: Yes

Intensity Factor: 6.5

Length of Line: 35 minutes

Height Restriction: 42 inches

Recommended for: Folks who want to wait a relatively moderate amount of time for a relatively moderate thrill.

If you like this, you might also like: Judge Roy Scream

Try La Vibora!


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