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Revitalizing Your Boat Or RV On A Budget: A Look At Custom Slipcovers And More

Updated on July 5, 2011

Individuals do not usually purchase new boats and recreational vehicles (RV) because of their prohibitively high replacement cost. As the years roll by, they use their boats and RVs less and less because their interiors begin to resemble a black and white 1950s science fiction movie. Some people relish using dated items, but most individuals prefer to surround themselves with contemporary furnishings. However, we cannot always afford to replace these outdated items. Because of this, boats and RVs end up in the back yard with a weathered tarp thrown over them. This gloomy vision can easily be erased if boat and RV owners choose to revitalize these big ticket items rather than replace or abandon them.

While redecorating an RV or boat can be just as expensive and time consuming as home redecorating efforts; it does not have to be this way. The easiest way to recover a boat or RV from its downhill slide is to replace old flooring with modern flooring options, cover original furniture fabric with custom slipcovers and incorporate window treatments in with the decorating plans.

While boats and RVs can both suffer from wear and tear, each one has different needs for the environments which they are designed to operate in. Let us explore their individual requirements and discuss the options that are best suited for their revitalization efforts.

Custom Slipcovers For Corrosive Environments

Rather than buying new deck or interior furniture for their watercraft, boat owners can update existing décor by investing in custom slipcovers for deck and interior furniture. Boat interiors must be able to withstand bone-chilling cold, water damage, salt deposits and mold and mildew invasions. Along with battling the elements, the furniture on a nautical craft must be able to withstand rough treatment by the individuals who use it. This type of environment demands durable fabrics that can withstand the toughest circumstances. Cushion covers provide the perfect alternative to buying expensive new furniture because they are reasonably priced and come in a variety of weather resistant, durable materials.

One of the best fabrics for maritime environments is marine grade faux leather vinyl. It is durable, thick, water-repellent and cleans easily with simple glass cleaner. Not only is the fabric ideal for damp environments, it also has a unique ambience that is all its own. Leather-look fabric comes in a variety of colors that range from pale biscuit to rich chocolate to forest green; all of which will surely complement any nautical environment.

The advantages to having custom cushion covers do not end with their physical and aesthetic appeal. Cushion covers have the added benefit of being made to fit existing furniture. Available in wedge, t-cushion, rectangle, square, trapezoid and diamond shapes; custom slipcovers allow individuals to redecorate their craft’s interior and exterior without having to purchase anything else. They are made with concealed zippers and are professionally sewn by experienced staff members who work with the dimensions provided by the customer to ensure a perfect fit for each cushion. All of these pluses add up to a beautiful cabin interior that has been selected by the boat owner and comes without the costs associated with redecorating.

Contemporary Nautical Tastes

In the past, marine environments featured blue and white stripping, anchors and durable rope motifs. Modern taste has changed all of that. People are now able to choose alternative patterns that fit within their social setting yet allow them to place their individual stamp on their environment. Even if people have the resources to purchase new maritime furniture, they are still constrained by the manufacturer’s vision of what a nautical experience is. To escape this pre-determined picture, individuals can share their vision by choosing to utilize cushion covers that fit with their unique personality.

While marine grade faux leather vinyl is ideally suited for cabin interiors, it may not be the best selection for deck furniture. All-weather fabric offers a viable alternative to faux leather vinyl for outdoor use. It is constructed from extremely durable duck fabric, is water-repellant yet is easily thrown into a washing machine for quick clean-up. Not to be outdone by its physical bonuses, all-weather fabric has the added benefit of a variety of color and pattern choices to select from. Perhaps an individual’s tastes run in a more tropical vein. There are a variety of patterns that bring the warmth and elegance of Hawaiian style to any environment. One pattern consists of a rich dark chocolate background with a variety of tropical leaves infused with spring buds of teal, turquoise, fern green, lime green and lemon chiffon. Another pattern displays a multitude of wild orchids in shades of pink, yellow and mauve.

Creating a unique marine experience does not have to be expensive, time consuming or lacking in individuality. Simply choose the fabric, colors and patterns for your custom slipcovers, place your order and slip them onto your furniture when they arrive.

Cushion Covers For Life On The Road

While most individuals would not have thought of using custom slipcovers for their water craft, the same axiom applies for RV owners because they believe nothing much can be done with their unit’s interior. This is simply not true. Not only can they install new floors and window treatments in their vehicle, they can also change the ambience of their home away from home with custom slipcovers.

Most people do not realize how much of a difference cushion covers can make in their RV. Fitted custom slipcovers are ideal alternatives for driver and passenger seats as well as other areas within their vehicle. Bright, vivacious colors and patterns are a great choice for giving your RV a contemporary look. Furthermore, it does not take much to change the appearance of such an enclosed area. For individuals who are on a budget, this is an inexpensive, easy way to add a splice of individuality to the monotone interior manufactured for mass consumption.

Not only are cushion covers great for imprinting your personality on to your RV space, they also allow one to change the look of their living space on a whim or to compliment their favorite season. Many RV travelers keep several different custom slipcovers on hand and change them out when they become tired of the current pattern or color scheme. These cushion covers are also an excellent way to protect the RVs original fabric. The wear and tear of daily use will transfer to the slipcovers rather than to the upholstery, which means that you won’t have to replace the original fabric. Simply remove any soiled cushion cover and toss it into the wash the next time you stop. Custom slipcovers are constructed of durable material so they can be bleached, soaked and can handle tough cleaning agents in ways that built-in fabric never could.           

Beyond Cushion Covers For A Contemporary RV Makeover

For older RVs or for heavily used RVs; replacing outdated or worn flooring is an excellent investment for a contemporary makeover. While the cost can be prohibitive; choosing laminate or faux stone flooring will lower the cost and can be just as beautiful as their authentic counterparts.

Laminate flooring can be installed on any surface, which makes it ideal for RVs, and quality products can easily resemble natural woods such as oak, maple, mahogany or pine. This type of flooring is easy to install and is reasonably priced. Laminate flooring is constructed of resin or a thin slice of wood, has a middle section that functions as a moisture, heat and dent resistant core, includes a balanced backing on the underside that provides support and is capped with a clear, wear-resistant finish that provides surface protection against stains and scuff marks.

There is another option for people who do not like the laminate look and that alternative is faux stone flooring. It can give one the ski lodge look without the associated costs. Faux stone flooring can be purchased in tiles or in sheets, is easy to install for the do it yourselfers and is very forgiving of mistakes. Faux stone flooring is resilient and can look like granite, marble, slate or even sandstone.

While new flooring is excellent for revitalizing an RV; another little thought for interior areas to improve is the revamping the vehicle’s windows. The eye is naturally drawn to windows so why not leverage and enhance this natural attraction by installing window treatments that pick up on the décor. Window treatments that compliment the RV’s fabric are an especially nice touch. If the RV decorator is using custom slipcovers, additional fabric is usually available from the manufacture so remember to order enough for all of the vehicle’s windows.

While boats and RVs have different needs when their owners are considering revitalization choices, one option will always remain the same: made to order cushion covers. Simply choose the fabric that best suits your individual needs then choose the colors that will compliment your personality and the vision you want presented to the world.

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